Legion: The Story thus far – Priest Class Order Halls

Published May 30, 2016 by cleoatore

Hey all, Cleoatore here once more to brief you on the story thus far involving Legion Class Order Halls, this week featuring my favorite class: Priests!

Yes, I know. “Oh Cleo, you are a Priest; of course that is what you’re going to be talking about.” Well you nerds, I just so happen to fancy the Priest Class Hall just because of the appearance. I also find it very interesting it changes based off of your race. So, suck it. ❤


What we know so far is the appearance, and how the NPCs changed based off of your race.


Naaru present in the Priest Class Order hall, located in Netherlight Temple.


If you want more of an indepth look at the Priest Class Order Hall: Click here!


While there haven’t been any major updates to the Priest Order hall, as per WoWhead.com, this is the current list of the NPCs that will fill your order hall depending on your race:



I know I am pretty excited to see my favorite class and the order hall that comes with it in Legion. Are you?!






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