Travel in Azeroth

Published May 19, 2016 by Chandratani

Chandratani here and today I’ll be showing you one of the interesting easter eggs Blizzard has hidden away deep in the forests and deserts of Azeroth. There is a copious amount of tiny details to be found and I’m going to show you were to look. You won’t have to go exceedingly far for this one, though, at least if you’re Alliance. Nestled in your garrison, you might have noticed a graveyard at about (40, 69)


It’s a quaint little graveyard for all the heroes that lost their lives in the fierce war against the Iron Horde, or getting smashed while AFK. Who knows?
If you visit this graveyard and mouse over some of the stones, one of them reads gives the epitaph “Ray D. Tear”. Who is this Ray D. Tear and why would Blizzard memorialize this person? To answer that question we have to go back into the history Warlords of Draenor‘s development.
Players have been asking for player housing since the inception of Azeroth, or at least since we thought it would be doubtlessly be neat to have some little piece of Azeroth to call our very own. Blizzard has often been quoted in response to these clamours with “We’d like to, but it would cost you a raiding tier,” because of the time and resources spent implementing and fine-tuning player housing. It swiftly became a meme along with “Soon™” as what Blizzard likes to defer player wishes with; However as we look closer at what Blizzard is saying, it would cost us players a raiding tier… or Ray D. Tier?
In our haste to realize our dreams of player housing, we sacrificed Ray D. Tear to the beast of Blizzard. I’m not so sure it was worth it, but what do you think, my LoWbies? Did we get swindled or were the garrisons worth the cost of the unrealized potential of Ray D Tear?



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