Hellfire Assault!

Published May 19, 2016 by mesagog


Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read this short story! This will be the first in a series of 13 stories each centered around one of the bosses in Hellfire Citadel. We follow the story of Reg the Marskmanship Hunter, Dex the Blood Death Knight and Lily the Restoration Shaman and their raid group taking on the Fel Horde within the Citadel. Our story begins as our adventurers have defeated the trash outside the Hellfire Citadel Gate, and are preparing to begin the Hellfire Assault!

Credit in advance to wowhead.com for all the great pictures!


“So the kill order is Morphed terrors, Beserkers, Felcasters, Goblins, Soldiers(Name check). But make sure you kill the siege vehicles whenever they come out!”

“Got it Reg.”

“Good. Start the countdown.”

As they all made their final preparations, Reg surveyed the scene before them. The great Hellfire Door stood across the battlefield; their target, their goal to destroy. Their obstacles: an assortment of siege vehicles ranging from the ominous to the simply deadly, and a small army of Fel Horde forces ready to engage the moment the gate to their citadel was threatened.



Reg felt the smooth potion coursing through him. He felt light, agile, free. The moment combat began, Lily, their best healer, gave a cry and they were all infused with great rage: a lust for the blood of their enemies, the leader of which was now bearing down blow after blow on their main tank, Dex. He took aim, strung his bow, and fired.



Dex darted through the wave of enemies, quickly moving away from the ground which, recently solid, was now crumbling, now being pierced by great jagged rock formations. He saw Pez and 3 of his demonic allies impaled by the final rock to rise from the ground, but the next moment he was immersed in restorative waters and rejoined the fray, launching a bolt of pure chaos that split mid-flight, and obliterated the two nearest fel orcs. Dex drew power from the blood of his own wounds and those of his enemies to shield himself from further attacks, and restore his own vitality. He saw a fresh wave of fel horde troops advancing on the left and summoned shadowfrost to defile the ground beneath them. They turned their attention to him and he smiled, they had been heading straight for the western cannon. He turned back to Mar’tak and her elite lieutenants and at the very same moment one of them turned green, began to swell, and exploded with fel energy. When the green cleared he found himself beset by a terrible demon, which began to summon felfire from the sky to assault all of his allies at once.

“KILL THIS TERROR!” screamed Reg.

Gorebound Terror.jpg

Lily looked around. She saw very quickly that many of her companions were being overcome by green fire. She focused her energies and invoked purest water to flow across her nearest allies. Then with all her might she released a beam of water that jumped around the battlefield, cleansing and restoring all it touched. Finally she looked to the heavens, and with a wave of her hand brought about pure blue rain around her most injured friends. Those that could moved to congregate beneath the flowing water and the droplets renewed their strength.

“Great stuff Lil’.” said Mira, and with a wave of her hand she stopped a charging orc in his tracks, and another wave drove a frozen spear through his heart.

Lily blushed, turned back towards the battlefield and continued to heal those most injured.

On they continued, striking down each wave of enemies to assault their group, avoiding the large explosives thrown randomly across the battlefield by the enemy technicians, when suddenly, one of the great siege vehicles facing them from across the field came to life.
Artillery attacks

With an almighty crash it burst through the battlements and came into full view: A great cannon, rival in size to the two monstrous weapons Reg and his team commanded to assault the Hellfire Gate, was speeding towards the eastern side, already loading to unleash an assault on the cannon stationed there. At Reg’s command, Mira, Pez and Reg himself moved to assault this Artillery before it could deal any serious damage.Ammo crate
After mere seconds they had reduced it to a pile of rubble and ash and Pez rushed forward to collect the crate of munitions that had fallen from the siege machine. He clouded himself in shadow and disappeared, almost instantly reappearing at a small demonic rune next to the main cannon. After throwing the crate to the peon driving the cannon, he hurried down the rise, returning to the fray.

On they fought, on they struggled against their foe, destroying yet more ghastly siege vehicles that assaulted them, first a small vehicle with a giant revolving battering ram, then a great flamethrower on wheels, before, at last, the great door before them crumbled under the constant bombardment. As the remaining fel orcs fled the battlefield, the group cheered and yelled their excitement. They had done it! They had broken into the citadel! They were one step closer to thwarting Gul’dan and his schemes to destroy Draenor! As they celebrated, one of their number, Phan, stopped, rooted to the spot, eyes fixed on the spot where the door until recently stood blocking their way. It had been replaced by a far more terrible sight.




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