Obtaining legendaries

Published May 16, 2016 by majickmanwow


Now that I’m on the final stages of obtaining my legendary ring I’m thinking back to the last few expansions, Wrath of the Lich King to Warlords of Draenor and how some of the legendary items aren’t just drops anymore, they are created.

My mind wanders to the three legendaries I’ve created on my toon, Dragonwrath – Tarecgosa’s Rest, Xing-Ho – Breath of Yu’lon, and Nithramus – the All-seer. They all have a complex quest line that weaves a story into it. You have to work for it for the first time since Burning Crusade, but you are guaranteed a legendary at the end. I draw some parallels within the each of the quests, they take time, collecting the parts for the quest takes a decent amount of work, and especially the Legendary items that were obtainable by everyone.

The Cloak in Mists of Pandaria and the Ring in Warlords of Draenor, they required you gain a certain reputation with a faction, or factions in the case of the ring. I have a love – hate relationship with getting rep with factions mostly because it involves daily quests and means you have to login daily to do them, it’s probably the reason why they’re included as part of the quest line to get the Legendary, make people login daily. I sadly don’t login daily to play, which prolongs the process to get the item.

I do get that Blizzard has formulated the quest lines, especially the ring and cloak legendaries to showcase the dungeons and instances that they offer in that particular expansion, but on the other side they are forcing people to play that some people don’t do, or are too casual to do so. As someone who struggles to find time to play and barely enough time to raid, the elements of the Legendaries that involve you go to raid are somewhat daunting and particularly tedious.

Now I’m not meaning to complain, you want something legendary of course you need to put in the effort to get it, or else the item won’t be so legendary, I just wish the process was a little more diverse in how it was obtained.

As always feel free to chime in on my thoughts and rants..




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