How to complete Draenor Pathfinder

Published May 9, 2016 by majickmanwow

drapathach.PNGThe famous or even infamous achieve needed to attain flying in Draenor, it’s actually a group of achievements, Explore Draenor, Loremaster of Draenor, Securing Draenor, Master treasure hunter, and Tanaan diplomat.

Exploring Draenor is quite self explanatory, you just need to go through each of the zones (Frostfire ridge, Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, Shadowmoon Valley, Talador and Nagrand) and make sure you’ve explored all the areas within each specific zone, netting you a nice little achieve per zone and eventually a Explore Draenor achieve after you’ve done all 6 (Tanaan is seperate and not needed to be fully explored to get the achieve)

Loremaster is doing all the main questlines in each of the 6 zones again, most of them chain together and you generally know where to go, I did get lost looking for the next quest once or twice but with the help of WoWhead and Google I found most pretty quickly.

Securing Draenor, involves doing each of the Apexis missions in Draenor (Excluding the ones in Tanaan) 12 missions in all, most wont give you much grief, except the pit which was quite hard for the ilvl 710 Elemental Shaman at the time. The mobs in the Pit are beefier and harder to group together for a quick kill, pull slower and watch where you’re going, the pit is quite deep and it’s easy to accidentally fall off the edge and die.

Master Treasure Hunter involves, collecting 100 pieces of treasure from any of the 6 areas of Draenor, again Taanan is excluded. What helped a lot was getting all the maps from

Alliance Archaeology vendor

Horde Archaeology vendor

or using Handy Notes + Handy Notes Draenor to reveal all the locations.

Some of these treasures are not easy to get, and some are impossible to get without flying (kind of Ironic isn’t it) so having someone who can fly is a bonus. If not getting this done is just trial and error.

The last thing on the list to complete Draenor Pathfinder could take the longest, it involves getting revered reputation with Hand of the Prophet (Vol’Jin Headhunters for Horde), The Saberstalkers and the Order of the Awakened.

To gain rep with Hand of the Prophet / Vol’Jin Headhunters you do the Apexis dailies and Pressing the attack, all of which involve going to certain zones where you have to attack a zone till you get 100% completion in the area,  8 areas in all. To complete the Apexis daily and Pressing the attack 3 zones are needed to complete but you’ll get more Apexis Crystals if you complete the rest.

Gaining rep with the Saberstalkers I found was easier, you get a quest from  Parvink if you’re alliance, and Nimi Brightcastle if you’re Horde. Each is just killing a certain amount of a certain mob in Tanaan or collecting a certain number of things.

What makes this rep grind easier is you can kill any of 4 rares that spawn in Tanaan for 500 each

Soulslicer located at 62.0, 73

Gloomtalon located at 63, 80.5

Krell the Serene located at 51, 83

The Blackfang located at 50.0, 74.5

or kill Blackfang Hunters, Prowlers, Savages, and Shamans in and around Fang’rila for 25 Rep per pop

The last way to get rep with the saber stalkers is the Rumble in the Jungle quest in which you buy 3 totems from the Saberstalker Quarter master found at 55.2, 74.8. These totems require the Blackfang Claw currency earned by killing the Blackfang mobs or completing the Saberstalker dailies. With the totems in your possession you can challenge the Blackfang champions and upon completion will earn you 3,500 rep with the Saberstalkers

The last of the reps for Tanaan Diplomat is order of the awakened which involves getting 10 Fel-Corrupted Apexis crystals from rare mobs in Tanaan or any of the treasures you get in Tanaan. I found finding rares to be difficult and time consuming but it’s by no means impossible

After you complete each of the achievements you’ll get the Draenor Pathfinder achievement and a snazzy new mount The Soaring Skyterror





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