Apate’s Addon of the week

Published May 9, 2016 by Apate

Apate’s Addon of the week.

We all know in wow the bare bones of the game always needs a little help. That’s why we have addons for everything. Clearing up the UI, DBM for the raids, also stuff for garrisons and others. Well today I will share with you one that if you’re the type that likes to transmog your weapons you need to have.

Legion Wardrobe is the addon, it tells you what gear you have on your character (green tick), what gear is missing and what gear you have on alts (Yellow tick). The addon is also class based, so if you’re on a mage you won’t be seeing the big two handers or anything other than cloth armour. Though hunters will be seeing it all weapons because everything is a hunter weapon 😛


Add to that features which when combined with the AH can slightly fade out items that you already have, it makes the risk of repeat buying of an item down to a bare minimum. Leaving you with your millions of gold on items you do need.


All in all something nice to help with the build up to legion and if you’re someone who is keen on transmogs I would check it out.

Link: http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/legion-wardrobe
Credit: ykiigor



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