8 Time Dependent Battle Pets You Need For World Safari

Published May 4, 2016 by Justyce

Hey guys! Today I’m here to tell you all about the time, weather and season dependent battle pets and where and when to find them! There are 8 that you need for the World Safari achievement which rewards the title “Zookeeper”.

(Plus 3 extra time dependent pet you guys might like too!)


To assist you with finding the weather specific pets, I recommend logging out an alt at the locations, checking periodically, or even downloading an addon such as ServerHop which allows you to hop to other servers to check the weather on different realms. When it eventually does snow in Storm Peaks or rain on Jaguero Isle, don’t forget to let others know so they can grab the battle pets too!

Happy Hunting!


1. Arctic Fox Kit


This battle pet is found in Storm Peaks at the locations pinned on the map below, ONLY when it is snowing in Storm Peaks. One would think that this would be an easy pet to find, given Storm Peaks’ snowy environment, but surprisingly, it rarely actually *SNOWS* in Storm Peaks 😉  My advice to you is to leave an alt in Storm Peaks and check a few times a day if possible. Don’t forget you could server hop a few times a day to check the weather on other realms!

storm peaks map



2. Baby Ape


This cute little guy is available on Jaguero Isle in Southern Cape of Stranglethorn only when it is raining. It is important to keep in mind that the weather on the Isle and the weather in Cape of Stranglethorn are independent, meaning that just because it is NOT raining in CoS, doesn’t mean it will not be raining on the Isle. This is why I highly suggest that you leave a character logged out ON the isle, and log in a couple of times a day to check the weather. Also keep in mind that the baby apes do not begin spawning immediately when it starts to rain, but can take a couple of minutes so don’t lose hope if there isn’t a baby ape straight away.

Don’t forget to tell others in the zone that the weather dependent pet is up!



3. Qiraji Guardling


This pet is available only in the Summer months of WoW – from June 21 til September 23. The seasons in WoW are the same no matter what region you play in. The Guardling can be found right outside of the Ahn’Qiraj part of Silithus, but you will not find one until the dates specified!



4. Restless Shadeling


This pet is available only during the ‘wee hours of the morning’ – between midnight and 9am “server time”, which for US servers is actually PST time. For Oceanic servers I can only assume it would go by AEST time, but unfortunately I don’t know for sure. They can be found in the Master’s Cellars right near Karazhan in Deadwind Pass. There are two entrances to the Master’s Cellars which can be found in burned out houses at these coordinates:

47, 78

48, 78



5. Silithid Hatchling


The Silithid Hatchling can be found at the Tanaris locations pinned on the map below. They only spawn during a Sandstorm in Tanaris. Again, I highly recommend logging a character out and serverhopping.




6. Snowy Owl

snowy owl

This pet is available only in the Winter months of WoW – from December 21 til March 20. The seasons in WoW are the same no matter what region you play in. The Snowy Owl can be found anywhere within Winterspring, but you will not find one until the dates specified!



7. Stone Armadillo


The Armadillo can be found at the locations pinned on the map below in Desolace during the “night hours“. This is generally 9pm-9am server time.




8. Widow Spiderling


The Spiderling can be found at the pinned locations on the map below, in Duskwood. They only begin spawning at “night time“, generally 9pm-9am server time.




Extras just for fun!…….



Crow & Darkmoon Glowfly


The Crow and Darkmoon Glowfly are found on Darkmoon Isle, which is obviously only accessible during the Darkmoon Faire week each month.

However, the Crow can ONLY be found as a secondary pet in a pet battle! 



Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling

And finally, my favourite, this cute little guy can only be found during the Wanderer’s Festival which happens every Sunday at 9pm and 11pm server time. The Festival happens at Turtle Beach in Krasarang Wilds.

Attending the festival is how you earn the achievement [Wanderers, Dreamers and You], but there are many other wonderful delights to be seen! It’s well worth the visit!
Loremaster Cho sings The Song of Liu Lang, and Pandaren celebrate by letting off fireworks and releasing lanterns onto the water in a splendid display. It’s definitely worth checking out!





Good luck to you all with your pet hunting! Thanks for reading!

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