Faction pride

Published May 1, 2016 by majickmanwow


Warcraft has factions, the Alliance, and the Horde, and with it comes a sense of respect and pride for the faction you play with. They can be like family, people that you achieve things with and Warcraft plays on the rift between the factions quite well. For some the Alliance are the enemy, and for others the Horde are the enemy, but when some people take it to a whole new level and take that animosity out of the game and into chats, forums, web pages.

Lately on the World of Warcraft chat group we have contests that play on the faction pride using the #Alliance #Horde hash tags, and it’s been mostly been some light hearted fun earning points for our chosen faction, but lately there has been some toxicity creeping in. People outright hostile to what another has said just because they’re the opposite faction.

So is this hostility so called, “Faction Pride” or just something more sinister, slandering and insulting someone because they play for the opposite faction. I’ve seen people unfriend others because they’ve started playing the opposite faction. So called bickering and horrible insults because someone has said For the alliance / For the horde in chat.

I’ve always played on the Horde side, but I spiritually identify with the Pandaren, the race that was introduced in Mists of Pandaria. They start of neutral, doing quests on their own separate island before setting off to distant lands and choosing a faction. I would like to imagine that they encounter other Pandaren on their journey in their travels that have joined the opposite faction but are friendly to one another, recalling some fond memories of their time on the wandering isle.

I find comfort knowing that when the two factions come to Pandaria that they’re not biased against either faction. They serve them equally and treat all as friends, and after all we all play the same game don’t we?



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