Demon Lore: Mo’arg

Published May 1, 2016 by Apate

The Mo’arg are a very powerful and highly intelligent species of demons that serve the burning legion.  They are also one of the most divers species within the armies of Sargeras, with sub-races of Gan’arg the stunted engineers of the legion.  Felguards and Fel Lords.

As with most demonic species the Mo’arg hail from the Twisting Nether and after Sargeras betrayed the Pantheon, the mo’arg were recruited into the Legion to serve as armorers, forging fel-infused weaponry and constructs to besiege the worlds of the cosmos. One of which the infamous Fel Reaver that squished many unsuspecting level 60s.

To go along with their engineer these brutish demons “enhance”their bodies with bionic replacements.  Chainsaws, fel canons among other enhancements to bring destruction and agony to the people in the universe.

A sickly green substance runs trough their veins, bleeding from their sharp-toothed mouths and from incisions in the torso and around neck; metal stitches barely maintain their patchwork skin. They are hairless and their feet display two front claws and a rear single claw. When not replaced with a bionic part, mo’arg eyes are white and seemingly without pupil.


The Gan’arg sub-race bears little resemblance to the mo’arg mother race, being stunted and weak to the point that they seem far more similar to kobolds than they do the gargantuan demons of the Burning Legion. However, they are often just as intelligent and cunning as their mo’arg masters and should not be underestimated.





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