Ten Easily Obtainable Followers

Published April 29, 2016 by Justyce


Recently I tried out a really cool method of leveling from 90-100 in 2 hours, and while I didn’t quite make it to 100 in 2 hours, it was fairly fast and quest-free, meaning I raced to the finish line with next to no followers! Ahh! How would I make gold with NO followers?!

Well of course I had to remedy this so I checked out some followers on WoWhead and came up with a list for you guys of followers that are all really SIMPLE to obtain, and don’t require having done pre-quests or unlocking specific things to get to. I’ve done basically NO quests, and was able to walk up and just talk to these followers or do one short quest for them and they wanted to be besties with me.

Below I’ve listed them broken into zones and with coordinates for both Horde and Alliance. However since I’m Horde, some of these are Horde only!



Fen Tao (Horde & Alliance)

Aside from Vivienne, there’s another follower in Ashran that some people aren’t aware of. His name is Fen Tao, and all you have to do is walk up to him and recruit him.

Horde – 47, 45

Alliance – 45, 70

fen tao



Dagg (Horde & Alliance)

To obtain Dagg, you simply release him from a cage in two different locations. He’ll then appear at your garrison later!

65, 60

39, 28



Weaponsmith Na’shra  (Horde)

This is a Horde only follower but all you have to do is a simple quest of collecting ore in a cave nearby and she’s your friend.

64, 39




Blook (Horde & Alliance)

To get Blook all you need to do is ask him to fight you and then beat him and he submits to you. If you’re on foot, he’s up a twisting path in the mountains- the road begins at 42, 90

41, 91



High Centurion Tormmok (Horde & Alliance)

When you approach Tormmok he is fighting mobs. You need to just help him, and after 3 waves, he will notice how awesome a fighter you are and want to chill in your garrison.

45, 86





Ahm (Horde & Alliance)

All Ahm really wants is for you to avenge his death, or something. He’s pretty fly for a dead draenei. After you help him out he shows up in  your garrison.

57, 24



Pleasure-Bot 8000 (Horde & Alliance)

To obtain this follower you have to do a relatively easy quest nearby in the lake and he’s yours!

62, 50

pleasure bot



Benjamin Gibb (Horde)

This undead dude just chills in the ground and you can just walk up and talk to him and he’s good to go. I mean, anyone who pulls him out of the ground has gotta be cool, right? This is a Horde only follower, the Alliance equivalent is Admiral Taylor.

35, 52

benjamin gibb


Leorajh (Horde & Alliance)

This feline follower is a bit of a pain to find. He’s up in a secret cave which you’ll need to fight your way through but then he’ll just happily go join your happy garrison family. If you’re on foot, the path begins at 51, 65.

The cave entrance is at 54, 68.




Image of Archmage Vargoth (Horde & Alliance)

Remember this guy from back in Burning Crusade? Well now you can have him in your very own garrison! He takes a bit more than the rest of the guys on this list, but it’s still a very simple one with no pre requisites other than that you must be level 100.

There are four  items you can turn in to get him as a follower, found at the following coordinates.

Boots – 68, 18 Frostfire Ridge

Ring – 39, 39 Gorgrond

Hat – 45, 37 Talador

Staff- 46, 16 Nagrand


All pictures from Google images



Well there you have it, 10 simple followers that you should be able to obtain within an hour! Good luck!

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One comment on “Ten Easily Obtainable Followers

  • The only one of these I didnt know about was Fen Tao! I must go and get him at some point! The other supwr easy one I generally get is Goldmane the skinner, he’s up a tower in Nagrand south westish area above the coast with the lobster men.


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