Preparation for a new expansion

Published April 18, 2016 by majickmanwow

The end of an expansion and the start of a new expansion, most of us have been there, where we slowly are working through the PVP and Instances that the end game offers, but when you’ve done all that what do you do when you find yourself looking for things to do in the break where you’re done with Warlords and waiting for Legion to start.


Some love it, some hate it, but those little pesky missions you can send your followers on can net you a fair bit of gold, well sometimes more than just a little bit. In this last little time spend time leveling your followers, send them on missions, and if you’re like me gain all the Crates of salvage and sell the items inside for a bit more cash.


Most of us will have one even if it may not be leveled, come Legion you can bet the level cap will be higher, and another 100 points to level through. Played right professions can net you a good chunk of gold too, and who doesn’t like gold, right?

Head to the Jungle

While you are probably already doing it, every player should be spending a significant amount of time inside Tanaan Jungle. There is a ton of gold to be made here for very minimal work. Don’t hesitate to complete quests, kill rares, do the bonus objectives, and pick up any treasures you find along the way.

While doing all these tasks you will not only be making gold, but also collecting a ton of Apexis Crystals. Use these to purchase Baleful gear and upgrade tokens from the Order of the Awakened representative to fill in any weak spots in your gear. While you will probably replace your gear very quickly in Legion, this is so simple to do and will give you an extra leg up when you start the journey through the next expansion.

The last thing that we could all do is, spring cleaning. If you’re like me after 3 expansions you have piled up some of the old reagents, potions and gear that you’ve just stashed in your bank. It does help that Weapons and gear will be put into a library of sorts and doesn’t fill a slot in my bank anymore, but still there is a large amount of crap that we could all see go






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