Garrison Tables and the trouble with streamers

Published April 18, 2016 by Apate

As with Vanilla the thoughts are those of myself Administrator Apate and may not reflect the views of the other Admins at Life of Warcraft.


So it seemed earlier this week a couple of streamers found out about the garrison tables being in Legion Alpha and began some highly emotional and dare I say clickbait style attacks on the table without waiting on the full picture.

Blizzard with Alpha like any other business wants people to know what is going on and try to bring in revenue.   With streamers they can do that.  The streamers show the game, the fans watch and everyone sees what is happening. Now the issue is that while it can bring in free advertisement sometimes the priorities of said streamers are not in line with those of Blizzard.  What I am going to talk about is one of those times.  Highlighted with what happens when something is from WoD.  Certainly not universally loved (But also not universally hated) and a version of it appears in Legion Alpha.

A minimum of two streamers come out and attack the table without even knowing or caring about the entire story.  Even going so far as to make up stuff about how the table is going to be mandatory due to an artifact weapon addon.

Well it seems with only five minutes of research that turned out to be a lie.  The addon to the artifact comes from an NPC which you have to buy with resources for your class hall.  How do you get said resources one might ask?  Well as of right now in Alpha there is absolutely no way to get those resources from within the class hall.  The ways you get the resources are through things like doing quests, dungeons, raids, the daily quest map etc.  In short to unlock this part of the artifact weapon, as of current alpha build you have to play the game.  Which was what people wanted last time.  Reasons to go out and play the game.  (Which actually also brought complaints from few people who felt compelled to quest and dungeon but that’s another topic).

With missinformation going out about such things it can and will hurt sales of games or any other product when these kinds of things happen.  Also in the long term, those streamers that rely on wow, including those that did the attack will lose out too.  It isn’t beneficial for anyone and everyone will lose out.


This is Apate closing off.


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