Denizens of the Cosmos

Published April 11, 2016 by Apate

As we talked about in a previous article about the different Cosmic forces.  Light, Shadow (void), life, death, order and disorder.  Now it is time to talk about the Denziens which originate or are linked to such forces.


Naaru: (Light)

The Naaru are beings of living holy energy.  Benevolent creatures and are the purest expression of light that exists in the universe.  The Naaru are a race that has vowed to bring peace and hope to all mortal races and hold back the dark forces of the Void.

Titans (order):

Titans are giant beings composed of the primordial matter from which created the universe.  Roaming the universe they are walking worlds imbued with the raw power of creation.  Seeking out others of their kind that slumber waiting to be born.

The Burning Legion (Disorder):

The single most destructive force in the universe.  Lead by Sargeras the legion is a demonic army traveling world to world with the sole mission to destroy all life.  Destroying everything in their path with devastating fel magic.

Wild Gods (Life):

The Wild Gods are the primordial manifestation of life and nature.  The Wild Gods are creatures of two worlds.  The physical universe and their spirits linked to the emerald dream (On Azeroth at least).  Wild Gods appear in forms of many wild animals, but in much larger forms.

Undead (Death):

The Undead are mortals who have died and become trapped between life and death.  They derive their power from necromantic energies that pervade the universe.  Many are driven by vengeance against those that have killed them.

Void Lords and Old Gods (Shadow/Void):

Firstly the Void Lords, monstrous entities of pure shadow.  These beings are cruel and merciless beyond all comprehension.  They are driven by an insatiable hunger that can never be filled.  They seek to devour all energy and life in the physical universe.  In their natural state the Void Lords can only exist outside of reality, only the most powerful can manifest in the physical universe, but only for a short amount of time.  But the Void Lords have one ace which to help their goal…. The Old Gods.

The Old Gods are the physical manifestations of the Void.  Nightmares Incarnate, as large as mountains and are flesh of blight.  They are withering tentacles that grow like cancer within worlds.  They serve the Void Lords, seeking to transform worlds into planets of despair and death.  They also have one other goal.  One in which when found out changed the fate of the universe forever. (But for another post)

That’s all for now, don’t forget if you wish for more lore, buy yourselves the Warcraft Chronicles, it is worth every penny/cent/whatever your currency is.



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