Vanilla Servers

Published April 3, 2016 by majickmanwow

We’ve all heard of people who played it, hell, we’ll always get people who will declare that they’ve been playing since Vanilla, but what about people like me who got introduced to Warcraft during Cataclysm where the dynamics of the game has shifted.

I’ve seen the arguments floating around the discussion boards at Warcraft and other places, the push for Vanilla servers to be put on Warcraft. Would there be enough interest for people to warrant its inclusion into the game? I have a mild interest in it, would I level a character in Vanilla conditions. Having to walk EVERYWHERE till level 40 where you get your 60% mount, and end game level where you get your 100% speed boost mount. The differences in Vanilla are quite substantial to Warlords / Legion, dungeon finder wasn’t included, if you were leveling by quests you didn’t immediately know where to go after finishing up a specific area, and even within quests it wasn’t exactly clear where your objective was. To some purists this makes for a more “pure” experience.

The world map of azeroth has changed quite dramatically as well, Cataclysm brought physical map alterations which changed a great deal of how the map looked in Vanilla that makes me a little curious to how the game was when Warcraft was in its infancy.

I got my taste of 40 man raiding during the 10th anniversary event going back into Molten Core, and the idea that some people did this on a weekly basis, getting 40 man teams together and coordinating to defeat bosses is quite incredible. These days if we got a group of 20 people for my weekly raids we would be quite happy. This isn’t even mentioning the loot allocation must be interesting to say the least when you have 40 people wanting loot and 6 – 7 pieces drop from a boss during vanilla days. I guess it was what made epic loot really feel epic.

Also because there was no LFR or Dungeon groups, you actually had to travel to the instance to do it. I must admit some dungeon and raid locations in Vanilla all the way to wrath, I don’t have a clue where they are. Summoning stones would really help but I feel they really meant something back then where as now there are other ways to get into instances.

There are ways to get the whole Vanilla experience, there are the private servers that are plentiful, but certain people frown upon the illegality of these servers since they aren’t blizzard owned. Personally I don’t see the problem with them. The content isn’t made available by Blizzard anymore and there are people out there looking for the genuine experience of the past.

So with all that has happened with Warcraft over the years, is it worth Blizzard bringing back such servers for nostalgia or should the past really remain in the past




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