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Published March 27, 2016 by Apate

The Cosmic forces.


Cosmic Forces: Credit Warcraft Chronicles Volume 1

Life and Death
Light and Shadow
Order and Disorder
The Elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water,  Spirit and Decay)

So what are these forces in more detail.

Light and Shadow:

Light and Shadow are the most fundamental cosmic forces in the Warcraft Universe.  Contradictory to each other by nature they are universally bound.  One can not exist without the other.  Pure light and Pure shadow do exist though in realms far removed from Warcraft’s reality.  Although shades of their presence are found within the universe.  Light manifests itself as holy magic, all the while Shadow (also known as void.) appears as shadow magic.

Life and Death:

Life and Death, the forces that hold sway over every living thing in the Warcraft universe. Life is also known as nature magic promotes growth and renewal in all things.  Death is the counterbalance to life (And why the undead can never be druids), through necromantic magic.  The inevitable force that brings despair to mortal hearts pushing all things to decay and oblivion.

Order and Disorder:

Order and Disorder govern the cosmic systems in the Warcraft Universe. Order is also known as arcane magic, it is volatile and wielding such energy requires intense precision and concentration.

As Order is known as Arcane, disorder is clearly manifested as known by being the highly destructive fel magic.   Fel magic is brutal and highly addictive to mortals and demons alike.  Using Fel can only be done through intense spells in which energy comes from life from living beings.

Image: Cosmic map Warcraft Chronicles Volume1



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