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Published March 26, 2016 by Apate

Grommash Hellscream (Alt Universe)


Much of the early life of Grom in the Alt universe reflects much the same as the Main universe, the main difference being that he and Golka never had a child and Garrosh did not exist.


The timelines split came when Grom was visited by a stranger.  A stranger who began speaking about redemption for the orcish race.  Grommash on realising that the guards who he tasked with guarding the entrances had been watching the previous duel sent the guards and the stranger into the pit. Watching the shackled stranger fight, he noticed similarities in his fighting style. When the battle ended, Grommash cut with Gorehowl, destroying the shackles. The chieftain then took the stranger into his camp and started speaking about the past, as well as about the future.

The stranger (Garrosh) told him about the future, how weapons would be the future against the dark lords who Gul’dan served. To prove his word Garrosh showed Grom a shard from an artifact. They went to the stones of prophecy where Grommash activated the object and was shown visions about the rise and fall of the Horde in the main universe. He also saw a figure of an orc raised and named as Thrall by humans. At that moment, Garrosh interrupted the visions by taking Gorehowl and kicking the shards from Grom’s hand, claiming that going further had already killed a Shaman named Zhanak.  Grommash demanded to know more, Garrosh only replied with that what Grommash saw was the price of Gul’dan’s power.  That the orcs could ally and unite under a single banner without the corruption and darkness.

In response to Gul’dan’s summons, Grom wen to the gathering of Orc clans along with Garrosh.  Grommash accepted the drinking horn from the warlock, but once asking the price tipped the blood onto the ground.  Mannoroth both amused and enraged by the defiance mocked Grommash right before he was ambushed when Garrosh gave the signal to attack the Pitlord to the other orcs.    Mannoroth was struck with explosive catapult balls chained ballistae.  This hurt but did not hold the Pitlord down.  He broke free, but in the confusion of battle Grommash was able to find a Iron star, which launcher had been damaged.  Aiming towards the Pit Lord the Iron Star sped off, striking Mannoroth who was ever so slightly dazed.  Grommash launched himself through the explosion, impaling the blade of Gorehowl into the skull of the Pitlord.  Recovering, Grommash almost met the same fate as his main universe counterpart as Mannoroth was about to explode in his direction.  Garrosh though was able to make the save, pushing Grommash to safety just in time.   Retrieving his axe, Grommash roared that the Orcs would never be slaves, instead would conquer those he saw in the vision as those that would dare enslave the orcs and began to build up ready to strike at those he believed would bring such enslavement in the internment camps in the vision.  The natives on Azeroth.  Capturing Gul’dan and the shadow council.  Using three of the leaders as the conduit for the upcoming portal.




Grommash impales Mannoroth.

Between the battle with Mannoroth and the opening of the Dark Portal.  Grommash launched an attack on Highmaul, where he demanded with Imperator Mar’gok that he needed to prove his worth or his empire will perish under the might of the Iron Horde.  Relenting Mar’gok knowing he had no chance of victory agreed to have his Magi teach the orcs the ways of manipulating the arcane.  Grommash agreed to this, cementing an “alliance” between the orcs and ogres.

Soon the Dark Portal was ready and Grommash ordered the invasion.  Hundreds of Orcs with Garrosh’s technology poured into Azeroth.  Soon they were beaten back and within a month an expedition lead by Khadgar, much like the Sons of Lothar a few decades earlier stormed the portal into Draenor.  After destroying the portal they had their first view of Grommash, towering over them and mocking the invaders.


Grommash and the warlords look down on Azeroth’s forces.

He would not be seen again by the forces of Azeroth until one of the commanders was captured and watched as the warlords met.  Grommash berated Blackhand for his losses around the foundry and demanded from Kargath to know what his plans were, before departing for Tanaan.

He was next seen in Highmaul.  Looking down on the arena as the forces of Azeroth raided the Ogre city.  Watching as Kargath pledged to defeat the invading force, only himself to be defeated and with his final breath mentioning he was the one hundredth kill.  He was next confronted after the Azerothians killed Azuka Bladefury of the Burning Blade clan.  The local allied leader (Yrel Alliance/Durotan Horde.) demanded Grommash to surrender, who instead fled once again to Tanaan, daring his enemies to chase.

After the fall of Blackrock foundry Gul’dan marched his way into Bladefury’s command.  Mocking Grommash for the Iron Horde’s losses and throwing down Gorehowl, revealing who Garrosh really was.  He once again offered the blood for the orcish leaders to drink.  Grommash once again refused, attempted to attack Gul’dan who using his magic snared Grommash who could only watch and yell in protest as Kilrogg took the blood and drank, transforming into a monstrous corrupted orc.  It was here that Gul’dan took control of the Iron horde.  Much like his main universe self had control of the Horde through Blackhand until Blackhand was killed by Doomhammer.


“My Son.” Grommash on being told Garrosh was his son.

Grommash was held captive by Gul’dan and taken to a vantage point in Tanaan, , overlooking his iron citadel. Gul’dan mocked Grom for his choices, and bathed the citadel in twisted fel-blood to better serve his needs.  But Grommash’s iron will kept strong, he refused to be broken and vowed that the Azerothian forces of the Alliance and Horde would defeat Gul’dan.   Grommash would then be rescued when the raiding party kills Zakuun, on release Grom took his axe and marched off to face Gul’dan.

Then the battle of the black gate happens.  Grom, Yrel, Khadgar, the heroes of Azeroth and likely (though not shown in game due to mechanics) countless Orcs and Draenei battle against the Eredar lord Archimonde and his countless demons that flooded out of the gate.  Midway through the battle as to not have the demons overwhelm the forces Grommash charges the gate to block any more demons entering Draenor.

Soon Archimonde was defeated, before his body died he forced Gul’dan through the portal to Azeroth to forfill a pact.  Grommash saddened he couldn’t kill the warlock turned in triumph to announce Draenor was free, vowing to work with his former enemies to rebuild the world left scarred by the legion’s attack.


“Draenor is free!” Grommash announcing victory.



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