Garrisons, money and you.

Published March 21, 2016 by Apate

Making gold in Garrisons is a fairly simple process.  Though it has lead to a massive gold inflation, many still don’t know how to have their garrisons working for them.  Which while maybe a detriment to MMOs in general it may help some remain in game when they can’t afford the costs of playing.   So here goes, the steps to a profitable Warlords of Draenor.  (Note this will be obsolete come 7.0)


Follow the guide and you’ll be as rich as blingtron. (Official blizzard art)

Step 1: If you have any level 90 that have not done the introduction to WoD, do it. I can not emphasis this enough. Even if you’re not planning to level the character the garrison resources you build up can be used to buy experience potions. Also don’t forget to pick up the resources during this time.

Step 2: Do not be afraid to spend money. Short term spending for items like heirloom upgrades or 640 ilevel purples to use when leveling will make things run a lot more smoothly than without. This means less deaths and less money spent on repairs.

Step 3: Addons. Important as this makes garrison managing turn from 10-20 minute per toon making the right parties to a one click speed through, taking 10 mins to go through all of your characters.

Addons you will likely need are:
Broker Garrison
Garrison mission manager (Very important)
Auctioneer (Will help to see if certain drops should be merched or AH)

Step 4: Set up Garrison. For your garrison certain buildings must be built and to level 3.

Inn: Allows you to recruit followers + Gives treasure missions
Salvage Yard: Loot boxes, opening gives you greens, blue and purple. Many of which will go to the merchant but some can go to the Auction house.
Barracks: Leave this till last, but giving yourself a level 3 Barracks allows you to have 5 more followers. Meaning more missions a day which can bring in more money.

Some buildings that can be helpful:
Storehouse: Bank in your own garrison
Crafting Profession building: Build the one linked to the profession you have. It will allow you to create the crafting materials required for your profession much faster.
Dwarf Bunker: Convert garrison resources into gear upgrades for your followers. Also free bonus roll per week.

Step 5: Followers. With a level 3 inn you can get one new follower per week. Clicking on trait, increased rewards and treasure hunter. Once that is done check the class, spec and abilities of your follower. At the start it matters little since you will have few anyway. But later on it will matter more as you try to balance out the abilities to gain 100% success chance on not only gold missions, but also medallion of the legion (Which can be sold for 5k+) or champion’s honor (up to 20k).

Step 6: Tanaan, do it. Just do it It opens up new ships and skills for your fleet. Fleets give treasure missions and if you have dwarf crew will double the gold intake. Always remember to use garrison resources to change the skills of your ships to bring the chance of success as close to 100% as possible.

Step 7: Regarding followers found out in the game that are not treasure hunters. Recruit them anyway, especially high level ones. It will open up the 10-15k xp missions which even if fail give more xp for your lower level characters than the 100-500 xp missions.

Step 8: Blingtron’s secret vault. Prioritize it always. 1000G without treasure hunters 4000g with all 3. (Note if your realm has medallions of the legion and Champion’s honor selling for over 4000g prioritize those over Blingtron’s secret vault)

Step 9: Start doing the garrison missions. Overall these take less than a minute per character. Once you have around 6-7 going you will make anywhere between 2-15k per day depending on play time and luck with garrison missions

Step 10: Raids. Once you reach around 680ilevel most classes can solo cataclysm heroic 25 mans. These will take around two hours to do (30 mins of it being Thrall and Aspects talking) and will bring you between 7-10k. Conclave of wind in Throne of the 4 winds might need to be done in normal mode until you’re closer to 700ilevel because of a mechanic. Shannox might need to have all CDs used because of Rageface, if you have a tank spec it will nullify Rageface skill.

If you are geared and feel up to it you can try to solo first couple tiers of MoP but they are still tricky.

That is all I can think for now. May add more if brought up. Yes it will be slow at the start but later on you’ll be raking in the money.


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