Dear Blizz: #1

Published March 1, 2016 by Justyce

Hey everyone, Faerisong here! Hope you’re all doing well and getting lots of epic loots!

Today I would like to introduce to you a new series of posts I will be writing from time to time – Dear Blizz. This is a letter to Blizzard stating my current and most recent ideas and brainwaves for things to implement into WoW.

Now I know not everyone is going to agree with everything, and that’s fine. But this is just some of my ideas, so don’t take it for gospel. Blizzard most likely won’t even read these anyway! 😛

So here we are… my first letter to Blizzard.


dear blizz


Dear Blizz, 

Let me just start off this letter by saying that I do enjoy raiding, and I do believe that raiding, and killing the ‘big baddie’ is always going to be the end game of Warcraft. That shouldn’t change, and probably never will.

HOWEVER… I feel like there needs to be more content for people who don’t raid. Some people simply don’t have the time, with busy work schedules, kids and a family, other hobbies.. We all love to get on WoW from time to time and indulge in the amazing world you guys have created for us, but a large number of us simply do not have the time to commit to raiding. Many others don’t feel good enough, can’t get into an open minded guild that will give them a chance, or can’t raid due to medical conditions.

Yes yes, LFR is the solution to that… but is it really? We all know that LFR is a very baseline level of the difficulty you would see on a boss fight in normal or heroic. Not only that but again, time is often a restraint. Even LFR has wait times – for DPS it can be over an hour! Of course raiding should take time, and we shouldn’t be handed loot for free, and all that jazz, but what about those players who aren’t really fussed about gear at all?

That’s right.. some players don’t care about gearing up. Some just jump on, enjoy the scenery, pick some herbs, potter around doing a little of this and that. And sometimes it’s enough.. but other times it feels like, outside of raid, there really is not a lot of content to keep us truly ENGAGED.

Now, I know that in Warlords of Draenor, we have Tanaan Jungle, but once you hit exalted with the factions, kill the world bosses and rares a number of times, do all the different dailies, it becomes boring. And sure, you could say that about anything within the game – over time content is always going to become boring and old. But what if we could have a few little things that don’t become old, or predictable, or boring?

The idea of treasures in WoD was a fantastic implementation, I absolutely loved it! However, it was too easy to just turn on an addon and find them all in an instant. Yes, I am guilty of it. I suppose I could just not use the addon, but when everyone else is using it, it becomes the thing to do. Everyone’s gonna use it. And those treasures aren’t so special anymore.  They’re not just things you find and go “AHA! Look at this random little thing I found!”, but they become just another step towards completing an achievement.

My suggestion is random spawn points. Little things that could spawn literally anywhere – even up in tree branches, under water, on roofs of houses, under tables. Something that is unable to be predicted, no addon would be able to tell you where to go to find it. Because you wouldn’t ever know where one might be next. If you were walking through a zone and came across one, it would be truly a surprise. “Wow! I didn’t know I would find this special little treasure here! I didn’t find it on my last alt that I leveled!” See that’s the thing, once we’ve done it on our mains, the treasures are no longer fun exciting little things, they’re just another trash loot to vendor for gold. Another pet we already have 10 of.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely *LOVE* the treasures and the fact that we have to climb onto tricky spots to get to them (before flying at least), but I think they would be even more interesting and fun if they were totally random and unpredictable. 

The puzzles to find some of the treasures were interesting, such as the jumping rock puzzle up the waterfall in Shadowmoon Valley to kill the Hynocroak boss and get the treasure, and other ones like in Frostfire Ridge where you had to jump up spears in the wall to get to it (til flying came along). More of these, and more complex puzzles, would be awesome.

Something about Rift that will always be memorable to me were the puzzles and minigames required to get some of the treasure caches. They were difficult and took time, and a lot of patience. One particular one was a maze, and you had to direct a bunny into the maze to get the treasure. If you stood behind the bunny he would run whatever direction you were pointing him towards. If he hit the side it would reset, if I recall correctly. It took me a good few tries to get that one – I would say at least an hour. Another one involved clicking chests in a particular order, while underwater. In fact most of the caches in Rift were challenging, at least much more challenging than any of the treasures in WoW. I would love to see something like that implemented!

Another thing I would like to see more of is an open world zone like Tol’barad. I think Blizzard really got it right with TB. There was so much variety of things to do. Pet battles, rare pet drops from the foxes, mount, pet and toy rewards from the tokens from doing dailies, a large variety of dailies that were easy and quick to complete, a visually pleasing zone, the actual battle of Tol’barad itself, and then of course the Baradin Hold raid which was also extremely quick and a great way to grab some loot and pvp gear. Now I know we have world bosses out in the open world these days, but I feel like it’s just not quite the same as the zone togetherness of Tol’barad.

Wintergrasp was quite the same – an awesome battle with machinery and the ability to smash through the other team’s base like never before, and the raid, Vault of Archavon. But Tol’barad just had so much more to do than Wintergrasp. I always wonder why Blizz steered away from those zones.

Another topic always discussed by the fans of World of Warcraft – Player Housing.
Many MMO’s have some form of player housing which is highly customizable. I wonder why Blizzard still hasn’t implemented it themselves. I think with Garrisons, they were trying to head in that direction, but I’m sorry Blizz, I feel like it was an epic fail, on the player housing front at least.

Garrisons, while a fantastic resource and base for waging war, were not really player housing, and certainly not customizable. It felt like we were promised a whole bunch of things, or certain things were hinted at, such as being able to pick what racial building styles you would use (Blood elf, tauren etc), the possibility of hanging boss heads on the wall, all these things were mentioned by fans at blizzcon and the fans got super pumped about something we could design ourselves, and then it felt like a huge let down when literally the only thing we could customize was where the buildings went, and what follower traits our followers had.

Now the argument most people have is, “If we do get player housing then it’ll be just like garrisons in WoD – nobody will ever leave. It’ll be just like playing alone in an MMO, again!” Well obviously there would be ways to combat that! Incentives to go out into the world – Fun incentives, rewards and gameplay, PLUS actual real reasons to leave the house, like the mail box, auction house, and trade chat, all of which I believe should NOT be available in player housing.

One thing about the garrisons of WoD that bugged me was that we were told or hinted at that we would be able to pick where to place our garrison. Obviously due to the technology involved in phasing and placement of garrisons, it would be difficult to allow us to just pick the exact location of our garrison. However I was very disappointed to find that we didn’t get to pick at all – it was just Frostfire Ridge or nothing for me. I actually wanted to set up home in Gorgrond in the jungle. I think it would be a lot to ask that we could just pick any single spot in all of WoW to place our home, but a few determined phased spots would be nice. Let’s say, 3 or 4 spots in each zone of the current xpac, and then a point here and there in old world zones that have high demand for it (like Grizzly Hills and BC Nagrand). It wouldn’t matter that our HOME is in old world content, when we have incentive to come play in current content, a reason to leave our home. 

Another thing I’d love to see is an open fun zone like Darkmoon Faire, even if it was just available only 1 week a month or some other short period. The rides and sideshows in DMF are a ton of fun, imo, and I’d love to see them add more to it, maybe even a giant ferris wheel! More minigames and silly side stuff, even if it just rewards us with vanity items that are ‘useless’ to the game, but fun to collect – something for the casual players that the hardcore raiders wouldn’t really bother with.

I would also really like to see more things in the open world where you have to join together as a team, or a server, to reach a goal. I love the idea of the blood moon mini event rare at Tanaan Jungle, where a bunch of people have to get together to complete the goal for the boss to spawn. One player could theoretically solo it, but it would just take a LOT longer, so there’s INCENTIVE to play with people! 

Remember the Isle of Quel’Danas in BC? We had to work together as a server to reach 100% on the first level until we could open up the next building and the next lot of dailies. That was a really cool team effort sort of experience that I really think Blizzard should implement in more of their gameplay. Things that bring together players are really important imo.

The last thing that I have to add to this edition of “Dear Blizz”, is different ‘perks’ and incentive to play on specific server types. Right now in WoW we have basically 3 main types of servers – Normal, PVP, and RP. Really the only differences in the servers currently is the fact that you can get ganked any time on PVP servers because you’re always flagged for PVP, and Roleplay servers just bring together likeminded people who want to roleplay, and a more chill server environment.

My idea is to add perks and reasons to go onto a specific server type – “Normal” servers, otherwise known as PVE, which are primarily focused on raiding and character progression, could feature special bosses or raids that are only available to those specific server types. Certain achievements which unlock certain bosses, and events that require the server to work together as a whole to unlock the next stage. There would be incentives (rewards) to encourage players to participate in these open world events.

PVP servers could have special battlegrounds only available to that server type, and incentives to PVP in the open world for rewards. Areas like Tol’barad with open PVP, and Halaa in Nagrand (BC), and even the small PVP forts in Hellfire Peninsula, which require players to work together, and engage the opposite faction to complete their objective, like capping flags and holding bases.

RP servers are basically just PVE servers. There is no incentive whatsoever to being on one, except for the fact that many other RPers congregate there, and server events tend to happen, but this is all organised by the players. Gameplay-wise, there’s no difference.

There is a lot of potential for exciting things that are exclusive to RP servers. Player housing could be one. Or, if player housing was available for ALL server types, then specific house designs or addons could be an option for RP servers. Roleplay servers should have unique quests, encouraging players to interact with eachother, and give rewards such as unlocking the ability to understand other rachousing could be one. Or, if player housing was available for ALL server types, then specific house designs or addons could be an option for RP servers. Roleplay servers should have unique quests, encouraging players to interact with eachother, and give rewards such ial languages (either within your own faction or cross faction), or maybe even additional emotes or jokes/flirts, exclusive hairstyles and so on.

I also feel that maybe each server type could have its own unique UI, slightly different from the one we have now. PVE servers could get a more raiding based UI with built in damage meters, boss markers easily accessible and so on. PVP servers could have a nice clean interface with limited abilities (Like the PVP talents that we can expect to see in Legion), less clutter. RP servers could have an interface that includes easily accessible emote buttons that you can drag on a bar, extended chatbox length, and more wardrobe options, or even the option to transmog cosmetic items that aren’t normally able to be transmogged.

I have many many ideas, some of which probably aren’t viable, but dreams are free, right?! This is it from me for now, but I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about in the future! I’d LOVE to hear your ideas too! ❤

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