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Know your lore

Published March 27, 2016 by Apate

The Cosmic forces.


Cosmic Forces: Credit Warcraft Chronicles Volume 1

Life and Death
Light and Shadow
Order and Disorder
The Elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water,  Spirit and Decay)

So what are these forces in more detail.

Light and Shadow:

Light and Shadow are the most fundamental cosmic forces in the Warcraft Universe.  Contradictory to each other by nature they are universally bound.  One can not exist without the other.  Pure light and Pure shadow do exist though in realms far removed from Warcraft’s reality.  Although shades of their presence are found within the universe.  Light manifests itself as holy magic, all the while Shadow (also known as void.) appears as shadow magic.

Life and Death:

Life and Death, the forces that hold sway over every living thing in the Warcraft universe. Life is also known as nature magic promotes growth and renewal in all things.  Death is the counterbalance to life (And why the undead can never be druids), through necromantic magic.  The inevitable force that brings despair to mortal hearts pushing all things to decay and oblivion.

Order and Disorder:

Order and Disorder govern the cosmic systems in the Warcraft Universe. Order is also known as arcane magic, it is volatile and wielding such energy requires intense precision and concentration.

As Order is known as Arcane, disorder is clearly manifested as known by being the highly destructive fel magic.   Fel magic is brutal and highly addictive to mortals and demons alike.  Using Fel can only be done through intense spells in which energy comes from life from living beings.

Image: Cosmic map Warcraft Chronicles Volume1



Faction pride

Published March 26, 2016 by majickmanwow


We all have some pride in which side we play in World of Warcraft, whether it be Alliance, Horde, and now Pandaren. We revel in the achievements of factions, we have our favourite leaders depending on our side, but with it comes hate. Now not everyone had deep and strong feelings about the opposite faction, but it’s there. You get enthusiastic people cheering “For the Horde” or “For the Alliance” and with it comes with “Horde suck”, “Alliance Suck”.

I’ve had people brush this off as being part of the game, but it has got me thinking. Life of Warcraft had an event for St Patrick’s Day, we tried to get both factions mingling in two separate neutral locations with no avail, the second of the places was Dalaran. As someone who was playing Alliance that day I could clearly see Horde people in Dalaran, yet when the Horde group of people who came to join the celebrations for our event showed up, the two factions couldn’t see each other.

So there is a separation of the factions, yet places like Dalaran we have both factions cohabiting together, without much of an issue, there are places in Pandaria that the factions coexist, does that mean peace can exist within the factions. Can we see some united Azeroth now that the Legion threatens the world again, or will there always be a vein of rivalry between the Horde and Alliance.

I would love to hear your opinions on this matter.



Know your lore

Published March 26, 2016 by Apate

Grommash Hellscream (Alt Universe)


Much of the early life of Grom in the Alt universe reflects much the same as the Main universe, the main difference being that he and Golka never had a child and Garrosh did not exist.


The timelines split came when Grom was visited by a stranger.  A stranger who began speaking about redemption for the orcish race.  Grommash on realising that the guards who he tasked with guarding the entrances had been watching the previous duel sent the guards and the stranger into the pit. Watching the shackled stranger fight, he noticed similarities in his fighting style. When the battle ended, Grommash cut with Gorehowl, destroying the shackles. The chieftain then took the stranger into his camp and started speaking about the past, as well as about the future.

The stranger (Garrosh) told him about the future, how weapons would be the future against the dark lords who Gul’dan served. To prove his word Garrosh showed Grom a shard from an artifact. They went to the stones of prophecy where Grommash activated the object and was shown visions about the rise and fall of the Horde in the main universe. He also saw a figure of an orc raised and named as Thrall by humans. At that moment, Garrosh interrupted the visions by taking Gorehowl and kicking the shards from Grom’s hand, claiming that going further had already killed a Shaman named Zhanak.  Grommash demanded to know more, Garrosh only replied with that what Grommash saw was the price of Gul’dan’s power.  That the orcs could ally and unite under a single banner without the corruption and darkness.

In response to Gul’dan’s summons, Grom wen to the gathering of Orc clans along with Garrosh.  Grommash accepted the drinking horn from the warlock, but once asking the price tipped the blood onto the ground.  Mannoroth both amused and enraged by the defiance mocked Grommash right before he was ambushed when Garrosh gave the signal to attack the Pitlord to the other orcs.    Mannoroth was struck with explosive catapult balls chained ballistae.  This hurt but did not hold the Pitlord down.  He broke free, but in the confusion of battle Grommash was able to find a Iron star, which launcher had been damaged.  Aiming towards the Pit Lord the Iron Star sped off, striking Mannoroth who was ever so slightly dazed.  Grommash launched himself through the explosion, impaling the blade of Gorehowl into the skull of the Pitlord.  Recovering, Grommash almost met the same fate as his main universe counterpart as Mannoroth was about to explode in his direction.  Garrosh though was able to make the save, pushing Grommash to safety just in time.   Retrieving his axe, Grommash roared that the Orcs would never be slaves, instead would conquer those he saw in the vision as those that would dare enslave the orcs and began to build up ready to strike at those he believed would bring such enslavement in the internment camps in the vision.  The natives on Azeroth.  Capturing Gul’dan and the shadow council.  Using three of the leaders as the conduit for the upcoming portal.




Grommash impales Mannoroth.

Between the battle with Mannoroth and the opening of the Dark Portal.  Grommash launched an attack on Highmaul, where he demanded with Imperator Mar’gok that he needed to prove his worth or his empire will perish under the might of the Iron Horde.  Relenting Mar’gok knowing he had no chance of victory agreed to have his Magi teach the orcs the ways of manipulating the arcane.  Grommash agreed to this, cementing an “alliance” between the orcs and ogres.

Soon the Dark Portal was ready and Grommash ordered the invasion.  Hundreds of Orcs with Garrosh’s technology poured into Azeroth.  Soon they were beaten back and within a month an expedition lead by Khadgar, much like the Sons of Lothar a few decades earlier stormed the portal into Draenor.  After destroying the portal they had their first view of Grommash, towering over them and mocking the invaders.


Grommash and the warlords look down on Azeroth’s forces.

He would not be seen again by the forces of Azeroth until one of the commanders was captured and watched as the warlords met.  Grommash berated Blackhand for his losses around the foundry and demanded from Kargath to know what his plans were, before departing for Tanaan.

He was next seen in Highmaul.  Looking down on the arena as the forces of Azeroth raided the Ogre city.  Watching as Kargath pledged to defeat the invading force, only himself to be defeated and with his final breath mentioning he was the one hundredth kill.  He was next confronted after the Azerothians killed Azuka Bladefury of the Burning Blade clan.  The local allied leader (Yrel Alliance/Durotan Horde.) demanded Grommash to surrender, who instead fled once again to Tanaan, daring his enemies to chase.

After the fall of Blackrock foundry Gul’dan marched his way into Bladefury’s command.  Mocking Grommash for the Iron Horde’s losses and throwing down Gorehowl, revealing who Garrosh really was.  He once again offered the blood for the orcish leaders to drink.  Grommash once again refused, attempted to attack Gul’dan who using his magic snared Grommash who could only watch and yell in protest as Kilrogg took the blood and drank, transforming into a monstrous corrupted orc.  It was here that Gul’dan took control of the Iron horde.  Much like his main universe self had control of the Horde through Blackhand until Blackhand was killed by Doomhammer.


“My Son.” Grommash on being told Garrosh was his son.

Grommash was held captive by Gul’dan and taken to a vantage point in Tanaan, , overlooking his iron citadel. Gul’dan mocked Grom for his choices, and bathed the citadel in twisted fel-blood to better serve his needs.  But Grommash’s iron will kept strong, he refused to be broken and vowed that the Azerothian forces of the Alliance and Horde would defeat Gul’dan.   Grommash would then be rescued when the raiding party kills Zakuun, on release Grom took his axe and marched off to face Gul’dan.

Then the battle of the black gate happens.  Grom, Yrel, Khadgar, the heroes of Azeroth and likely (though not shown in game due to mechanics) countless Orcs and Draenei battle against the Eredar lord Archimonde and his countless demons that flooded out of the gate.  Midway through the battle as to not have the demons overwhelm the forces Grommash charges the gate to block any more demons entering Draenor.

Soon Archimonde was defeated, before his body died he forced Gul’dan through the portal to Azeroth to forfill a pact.  Grommash saddened he couldn’t kill the warlock turned in triumph to announce Draenor was free, vowing to work with his former enemies to rebuild the world left scarred by the legion’s attack.


“Draenor is free!” Grommash announcing victory.


#Mog It Monday – Darkmoon Faire Mage

Published March 21, 2016 by Nymphamzu


This weeks transmog is another “Mage” orientated one, although any cloth user can wear it. One thing I LOVE about this transmog, is that it looks great on both male and female characters, and also, it’s easily obtained.

Head: Regal Wizard Hat – BoE World Drop / AH

Shoulders: Councillor’s Shoulders – BoE World Drop / AH

Hands: Barbaric Cloth Gloves – BoE World Drop / AH

Chest: Disciple’s Robe – BoE World Drop / AH

Waist: Wizard’s Belt – BoE Vendor Purchase (Check the link below for a list of vendors who sell this item)

Feet: Barbaric Cloth Boots – BoE World Drop / AH

Staff: Terokk’s Shadowstaff – BoP Drop from Talon King Ikiss, Sethekk Halls HC




Garrisons, money and you.

Published March 21, 2016 by Apate

Making gold in Garrisons is a fairly simple process.  Though it has lead to a massive gold inflation, many still don’t know how to have their garrisons working for them.  Which while maybe a detriment to MMOs in general it may help some remain in game when they can’t afford the costs of playing.   So here goes, the steps to a profitable Warlords of Draenor.  (Note this will be obsolete come 7.0)


Follow the guide and you’ll be as rich as blingtron. (Official blizzard art)

Step 1: If you have any level 90 that have not done the introduction to WoD, do it. I can not emphasis this enough. Even if you’re not planning to level the character the garrison resources you build up can be used to buy experience potions. Also don’t forget to pick up the resources during this time.

Step 2: Do not be afraid to spend money. Short term spending for items like heirloom upgrades or 640 ilevel purples to use when leveling will make things run a lot more smoothly than without. This means less deaths and less money spent on repairs.

Step 3: Addons. Important as this makes garrison managing turn from 10-20 minute per toon making the right parties to a one click speed through, taking 10 mins to go through all of your characters.

Addons you will likely need are:
Broker Garrison
Garrison mission manager (Very important)
Auctioneer (Will help to see if certain drops should be merched or AH)

Step 4: Set up Garrison. For your garrison certain buildings must be built and to level 3.

Inn: Allows you to recruit followers + Gives treasure missions
Salvage Yard: Loot boxes, opening gives you greens, blue and purple. Many of which will go to the merchant but some can go to the Auction house.
Barracks: Leave this till last, but giving yourself a level 3 Barracks allows you to have 5 more followers. Meaning more missions a day which can bring in more money.

Some buildings that can be helpful:
Storehouse: Bank in your own garrison
Crafting Profession building: Build the one linked to the profession you have. It will allow you to create the crafting materials required for your profession much faster.
Dwarf Bunker: Convert garrison resources into gear upgrades for your followers. Also free bonus roll per week.

Step 5: Followers. With a level 3 inn you can get one new follower per week. Clicking on trait, increased rewards and treasure hunter. Once that is done check the class, spec and abilities of your follower. At the start it matters little since you will have few anyway. But later on it will matter more as you try to balance out the abilities to gain 100% success chance on not only gold missions, but also medallion of the legion (Which can be sold for 5k+) or champion’s honor (up to 20k).

Step 6: Tanaan, do it. Just do it It opens up new ships and skills for your fleet. Fleets give treasure missions and if you have dwarf crew will double the gold intake. Always remember to use garrison resources to change the skills of your ships to bring the chance of success as close to 100% as possible.

Step 7: Regarding followers found out in the game that are not treasure hunters. Recruit them anyway, especially high level ones. It will open up the 10-15k xp missions which even if fail give more xp for your lower level characters than the 100-500 xp missions.

Step 8: Blingtron’s secret vault. Prioritize it always. 1000G without treasure hunters 4000g with all 3. (Note if your realm has medallions of the legion and Champion’s honor selling for over 4000g prioritize those over Blingtron’s secret vault)

Step 9: Start doing the garrison missions. Overall these take less than a minute per character. Once you have around 6-7 going you will make anywhere between 2-15k per day depending on play time and luck with garrison missions

Step 10: Raids. Once you reach around 680ilevel most classes can solo cataclysm heroic 25 mans. These will take around two hours to do (30 mins of it being Thrall and Aspects talking) and will bring you between 7-10k. Conclave of wind in Throne of the 4 winds might need to be done in normal mode until you’re closer to 700ilevel because of a mechanic. Shannox might need to have all CDs used because of Rageface, if you have a tank spec it will nullify Rageface skill.

If you are geared and feel up to it you can try to solo first couple tiers of MoP but they are still tricky.

That is all I can think for now. May add more if brought up. Yes it will be slow at the start but later on you’ll be raking in the money.

Know your lore: Grommash (Grom) Hellscream

Published March 20, 2016 by Apate



Main Universe:


Grommash Hellscream (Henceforward will be called Grom).  Chieften of the Warsong clan, taking control at a relatively young age though older than Durotan and Orgrim Doomhammer.   His ascent to the role of chieftain of the Warsong clan was not without controversy but no other orc rose up to challenge his leadership.  As part of his ascension  to chieftain of the Warsong Clan, Grom had his chin tattooed a uniform shade of black.


As Chieftain Grom lead raids of the Warsong clan deep into Ogre lands, after a  few brief successes the Ogres retaliated. Attacking with such brutality that it nearly destroyed the entire Warsong clan.  Among those wounded was Gokka, his mate, as she lay there she pleaded with him to finish her off. Grom was appalled  at her weakness in begging for death instead of striving to live, he called her “a wolf with no teeth” and walked away, leaving her to suffer. He held similar views  towards the perceived  weakness of his other warriors who had “bent like weeds.” In truth, however, he simply lacked the strength to take the life of the one he loved, and this weakness gnawed at his heart for years to come.

Taking what forces he had Grom attacked the Ogre raiders.  But this was a trap set up by the Ogres and Grom ended up captured.  The ogre leader daily attempted to break Grom’s spirit by strapping him to a tree and taunting him repeatedly. While his body withered and became emaciated, Grom’s will never wavered. Declaring that “this wolf still has teeth,” he finally bit and killed the ogre warlord when he came too close. Grom returned to lead the Warsong clan as “the Warlord with the Iron Will.”

Like the other chieftains Grom was present at the Kosh’harg  Celebration in Nagrand.  When Ner’zhul warned the orcs of the Draenei, Grom was one of the more eager to fight, the first to drink the blood of Mannoroth and lead the charge into Shattrath City.  Those that saw him saw an fiery-eyed massive orc, tattooed and wielding a large axe. (Gorehowl) With raven-hued hair, and his lower jaw had been colored as black as pitch.


Grom after Drinking the Demon Blood. Credit Blizzard


While some of the orcs went through the Dark Portal to invade Azeroth, Grom and his Warsong clan were kept back.  Gul’dan keeping them behind as he did not trust Grom to be a pawn under his strings and worried Grom would have his own ambitions.  This kept the Warsong clan out of the losses inflicted on the Horde from the first two wars.

After the second war he was sent by Ner’zhul to Azeroth to claim the skull of Gul’dan. When the Dark Portal was reopened he and Rexxar lead the attack on Nethergarde keep. Distracting the Alliance so a team of orcs that were about to steal certain artifacts from Azeroth.    Staying on Azeroth even after the Alliance sent their expedition to Draenor, going into hiding within the wilds of Lordaeron once Draenor was destroyed. Realising the difference between the shamanism of his youth and the warlock magic of the Orcish Horde.  Knowing how badly it had affected the horde and the orcs.  All the while he was learning to deal with the demonic curse that had left him weakened and listless. Where other orcs gave into this malaise, Grom’s iron will once again came to the forefront in the face of adversity.

Years later, on hearing of a young orc breaking out members of his race from internment he had the young orc seek him out.  Once they met Grom was inspired by by the young orc named Thrall.   Seeing Thrall’s courage, strength and mercy, he accepted the young outcast and taught Thrall more of the ways of the orc nations. When the humans searching for Thrall got too close, Thrall left his side. He was given Grom’s necklace as a symbol of the trust placed in Thrall by Grom.  Grom took this time to meet up with Orgrim and the Frostwolf Clan.  Liberating more internment camps as they continued their path.

Not long afterwards the orcs embarked on a long voyage to the western continent of Kalimdor. Grom found himself in trouble for attacking a human outpost in Stonetalon, directly against the orders of Thrall.  He was then sent on a mission to collect lumber in the nearby forest.  The mission was originally believed to be an easy one but he  and his clan were soon attacked by what he would call “Savage women.”  and “Perfect Warriors.”.  Kaldorei (Night Elf) sentinels who were defending their lands against the invading orcs.

After few battles the orcs had gained the the attention of the demigod Cenarius. Who sensing the blood of Mannoroth within the orcs considered the invaders with demonic taint.  Grom tried to plead that the orcs were free but Cenarius was unwilling to listen and being unable to be killed through conventional means the orcs knew they needed a new means to win or die to the Demigod.

Lead by a troll witch doctor Grom’s forces found a font of power, though seemingly with demonic taint his desperation compelled him to drink, turning into blood red fel orcs.  They were able to find Cenarius once more and in his fel demonic rage, Grom was able to kill the Demigod.



Fel Orc Grom.  Warcraft 3 image.


But once the battle was over the truth of the font came apparent.  From within the shadows emerged Mannoroth.  Gloating over how he had enslaved the orcs once again.  Grom terrified by the revelation could do nothing.  He and his band were now slaves to the pit lord and were now used to attack the legions enemies.  Orcs and Humans alike.

Thrall though was not going to give up on his old friend.  He (along with Cairne) managed to capture Grom who told the young orc the full truth of the demonic corruption that came over the orcs, doomed by their own choices instead of cursed.  After being brought back to Jaina, she and other mages were able to perform a ritual to cleanse him of the blood curse.

Then the fateful battle occurred.  Grom and Thrall managed to confront Mannoroth.  Thrall striking the pitlord with Doomhammer but was shrugged off.  Mannoroth turned and taunted to Grom, saying they were the same.  This enraged the orc who charged at the pitlord and slammed Gorehowl deep into Mannoroth’s chest.  Mannoroth exploded in an inferno of flame and the full blast struck Grom straight on.  Mannoroth was no more.  (Well he was in the Nether but shh)

Thrall recovering made his way over to Grom, who was on the ground. The crimson glow faded from his eyes; the blood curse which had damned his race for decades was finally over. With his best friend and Warchief at his side, the still-undefeated chieftain died at the site of his greatest triumph, both over the corruption of the Burning Legion and over the whispers of his own soul. With Mannoroth gone, the Legion’s hold on the orcish race was forever shattered. Even those who had drank the blood of Mannoroth (willingly or otherwise) found that the curse had lifted, and that their souls were free from the shackles of demonic corruption. With that knowledge, Grom Hellscream left the mortal plane a redeemed spirit.


Next time AU Grom


(All images belong to Blizzard Entertainment a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, inc)

Frost Mage

Published March 16, 2016 by Nymphamzu


This transmog reminds me a lot of the one I have on my Priest, except this one looks more suitable for a Frost Mage.

This is a very easy transmog to get, most of the pieces are BoA and available in a good quaintity on the AH. The robe and the staff are the only 2 items that are drops from a dungeon boss, I got them whilst leveling.

Shoulders – Arcane Pads (AH – BoE world drop)
Chest – Robes of the Exalted (Lord Aurius Rivendare)
Gloves – Arachnidian Gloves (AH – BoE world drop)
Belt – Arachnidian Belt (AH – BoE world drop)
Boots – Arachnidian Boots (AH – BoE world drop)
Weapon – Hydrocane (Viscous Fallout)