Floral Headbands and Accessories?

Published February 10, 2016 by Justyce

Hey everyone, Faerisong here!

From time to time, I have ideas for WoW that I wish Blizzard would implement. The majority of my ideas are vanity items that wouldn’t impact the gameplay whatsoever. If I worked for Blizzard, I would want to be in charge of fun things like toys and vanity items for sure!

What is the point of vanity items, you ask? Well there are a few reasons people might want vanity items, and a few different ways they could be implemented.

If they were simply white or grey “poor” quality items, they could be used by roleplayers or in fun and silly situations, dressing up your character for screenshots or whatnot.

However if the items were given an item level and capability to transmog, that could lead to great things!

I personally don’t understand the problem with vanity and fun items being made a permanent thing in a set in the form of transmog. There are already a ton of silly items in game, such as twinkly star wands, bear claw fist weapons, and those silly twirly whirly engineer caps.

What would the harm be in letting us use some vanity items in our transmog? Or at the very least, making them fun toys that we can activate to change our appearance for a limited time. I’m talking about the sorts of toys that change what your character is wearing, but still maintains the base look of your character, such as the Hozen Beach Ball which simply transforms your clothing into ‘beach appropriate’ clothes.

I have quite a few vanity item ideas that I would like to see implemented in the future, but today I wanted to share with you my idea of floral headbands or other head wear, or even leis that we could wear around our necks or waists for example. I feel this would especially suit resto druids!

There are already several vanity floral items in the game  in the form of offhand flower bouquets, or the ultra rare Forever-Lovely Rose or consumable equivalent Lovely Rose available from the Love is in the Air event, which appears in your hair for female characters or in your mouth for male characters, as pictured below.

lovely rose 2Picture by AnxiousFur

lovely rose 3
Picture by Kompae

Below are some of my ideas for how we could see floral designs used in new ways in WoW as vanity items or even cosmetic transmog items!


fae hairband

floral headband


melodi headband

Those are just a few examples I have knocked together relatively quickly on Photoshop – imagine what Blizzard could do if they considered it as an option! Bring on more cosmetic and pretty items, imo!

What do you guys think? Please let us know either by commenting below or on our facebook page! ❤ Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Lunar Festival! ^_^

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