Faerisong’s Adventures #5: Welcome to Warspear

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

5. welcome to warspear.png

I awoke in a dark candlelit room, feeling very tired and very sore. The holy priest who I had encountered in battle was standing above me, as my eyelids fluttered she smiled at me. She held my hand, and I felt warm and safe. “You’re going to be just fine now, Faerisong”, she said softly. “W…what happened?” I murmured. My throat felt very dry. “You were very close to one of the first blasts and were hit by a piece of shrapnel. You have quite a large gash in your head, but I’ve healed and bandaged you. You just need some rest”, the priest responded. I sat upright, or at least I tried to but it was difficult, I felt very weak. “The battle! What happened? Did we make it through? Was anyone else injured?” I gasped. The priest patted my hand. “Don’t worry about these things. Just get some rest!” She laid me back gently and blew out the candles and she left the room. I sighed. I guess my only choice was to try to rest. A sudden pang in my leg made me look down, and realise that my leg was also bandaged. I groaned and fell unconscious.

Hours later, I awoke and the sun was shining in through the vents in the ceiling. I felt a little better.. but still very tender. I rubbed my eyes, sitting up slowly. My leg still throbbed, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I let out a loud moan of pain. The angelic elven priest rushed into the room. I immediately felt guilty for taking up so much of her time. “Oh, please, no need to stay at my bedside! I’m sure you’re needed elsewhere!” I exclaimed. “Nonsense! This is my job. Rehabilitation of injured troops is probably even more important and necessary than being on the front line in battle,” she said, sitting at the end of my bed. “How are you feeling, Faerisong?” I felt warmth irradiating from her. Whenever she was around I felt so comfortable and calm. “I.. I’m o… I’m okay,” I stammered. She smiled sweetly. “My name is Feliciana, I’ll be here as long as you need me,” the elf said. “And don’t you worry about where else I might be needed!” she rose from the bed and bent over me, brushing my long black hair back away from my eyes. Then she placed her hand gently on my chin and tilting my face up to hers, she kissed me softly on the cheek. I pulled back, shocked. “I’m sorry. I will let you get your rest,” she said, sounding almost embarrassed. She quickly left the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what just happened. Did she just kiss me? Why? What did that mean? My cheek still tingled. How was I supposed to react? I suppose I should have kissed her back. I had never done this before! How was I supposed to feel? Did she … like me? Was she attracted to me? Or was she just showing she cared? Why did she run off? I must have upset her… I didn’t know what to do. I felt guilty for embarrassing her. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes.

I awoke again to a deafening explosion nearby. I sat upright in bed, shaking. One of my orc men rushed into the room. “Commander, we have to have you moved! It’s too dangerous here, we’re bein’ bombed at the camp over the hill and the garrison isn’t safe for you right now!” he shouted, and with one swift motion picked me up in his arms. I blinked about twenty times, trying to comprehend what I had just been told. “Moved? Where to?” I asked. “All the hurt folks are being flown out on skyreavers to the base in Ashran. That’s all I know, Commander. Do y’need anythin to take with ya?” the orc was already carrying me out the door by this point. “Uh, no, I think I’ll be fine, thank you,” I said, still rubbing my eyes, as I was placed atop a saddled skyreaver with 2 other injured comrades and a seemingly well orc who I assumed would be flying this strange creature.

The creature had 2 heads and a long tail which appeared to be beaded. It looked almost like an odd windrider. As we lifted off the ground, I gripped tightly on to the saddle; this beast didn’t fly very straight! It would be a very bumpy flight to Ashran, wherever that was. I looked below us as we flew. Hundreds of iron orcs were approaching the camps near my garrison. As I looked to the east, a long line of orcs flowed from the pass we had tried to take. “I guess we didn’t succeed…” I whispered. I felt defeated. If I had been able to stay in the fight, if I had just avoided getting hit, I could have helped my comrades. We might have succeeded, or at least not lost any troops or had as many injured.

We flew over the pass, high enough that no enemies on the ground could target us with their weaponry, and beyond the pass, into Gorgrond. To my right was a lush, dense canopy of trees; it looked very tropical. But to my left it was dry and barren, with many strange rock formations and chasms. What a strange place this was. Draenor, it was such a dangerous world. I regretted my decision deeply. But now I felt responsible for those lives that had been lost. I felt responsible for looking out for my troops and the soldiers I had met. The ones I knew by name. Pakala, Liralea, Daragon.. and Feliciana. What had happened to Feliciana? Why wasn’t she there when I had been rushed onto the skyreaver and whisked away to Ashran? I assumed she had been recalled to battle.

We were flying out over the ocean now. I wondered how much longer this flight would take. I squinted and almost thought I could see land on the horizon. Was this Ashran? The skyreaver gained speed and swooped down low aiming for the shore. I guess this was it. Ashran. I held on tight as we landed roughly on a small hill top.

“Welcome ta Warspear!” we were greeted by a pink haired troll with large, sharp tusks. “They call me Majickman. If ya need anythin, I’ll be right here”. He helped me and the other two off the skyreaver and into a large inn just down the hill. We went through the well-stocked bar and up the stairs curving around the walls to a room with several beds. I was lifted onto a bed and a thick woollen blanket was tossed onto the end of the bed. “Thank you,” I said. The troll left the room. I looked around at the other beds, all occupied. I felt vulnerable; I had never had to sleep amongst so many before. How could I relax and feel comfortable with so many eyes watching?

I was unable to rest, so I decided to go for a walk. I winced as I slowly made my way down the stairs, limping and favouring my injured leg. I made it out of the inn and back up over the hill, down towards the shoreline. I was met with the one of most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. Draenor.. a place of beauty but also much danger. A treacherous land. I wondered how long I could survive here. But for now I was out of commission, so I suppose the only thing I could really do was get to know some people, make some friends and allies I could count on. I felt that this task would be even more difficult than any battle I would encounter…

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