Faerisong’s Adventures #4: Approaching the Border

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

4 approaching the border.png

It had been several weeks since I had stepped through the portal onto Draenor. I was only just finally becoming accustomed to the harsh cold of Frostfire Ridge. In the past few weeks we had claimed several bases across the land, slayed an immeasurable number of orcs and gronn, and moved further east every day.

Our next mission was to take control of the treacherous path leading in to Gorgrond. There were many many waves of enemies to fight, and mechanical weaponry we had not yet encountered. My strongest healing efforts would be required.

My Garrison troops and the troops and teams of a dozen or so other commanders gathered at the chasm opening at sunrise. We were armed with the best weapons we could craft, thick strong armor, and explosives. Hopefully the few explosives we had managed to steal and craft were enough to take on the destroyers we had seen. We estimated the enemy only had a few so we were feeling somewhat confident we could win the battle. But it would still be a long day.

A towering, burly Tauren was leading our army. His name was Makamo. He wielded a massive sword and held a huge horn in his hand. As he blew the horn hundreds of us charged forward into battle. Somewhere in the distance another horn sounded. The enemy were coming. The thunderous sound of footsteps echoing and reverberating around the walls of the chasm meant the enemy was approaching fast.

As always I was to the back of the group with the other healers. To my left was a holy priest, glowing with pure white light. She appeared almost angelic, with long white hair and soft white skin. To my right was a large dark green Orc. He was placing totems and summoning the wind and rain to do his bidding. His gentle healing rain washed over us all, regenerating our health and giving us vitality. It felt strangely warm, even though we were in a freezing tunnel surrounded by ice.

I had placed my jade statue and was channeling a constant wave of mist towards our main protector. My heart skipped a beat as I spotted Daragon in the front line. So he was here in Frostfire Ridge too. I wondered where he had been stationed or if he had set up his own base. His blonde ponytail swished from side to side as he expertly dodged and parried attacks from all sides.

I took a quick break to replenish my mana and clear my thoughts. I needed to be completely focused if i was going to be of any use in this battle. As I caught up with the rest of the healers I thought I had caught a glimpse of Liralea, but I assumed I was just imagining it. There were so many of us, all different races but all Horde, all fighting for the same cause. I wondered when we would see any members of the Alliance again. We have always been at war with the Alliance; humans and orcs have a particular hatred of eachother, and because of past atrocities it didn’t seem as if the two sides would ever see eye to eye. But as the old adage goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and we were all banding together to fight the enemy here on Draenor. Protecting our home planet Azeroth from being taken over by this iron army of orcs threatening our world.

We had moved quite far into the chasm now. We were at least a third of the way in, and so far we had not encountered any of the destroyers which had reportedly been seen in the enemy’s possession. We were up against a formidable enemy though, they were sending larger waves of stronger brutes, gronn, wolves, and ranged enemies up in the rocks lining the walls. They knew this territory better than we did, even after many scouting missions. They knew the terrain; we did not. As I placed my jade statue again, I stumbled and landed on my knees. The cold hard ice scraped and bruised me. I winced as I stood, and the white haired priest from before lifted me up with her levitate spell. She flushed me with blinding white light and I felt re-energized.

After regaining my bearings my heart sunk as I saw what approached us around the bend. At least 10 massive iron destroyers thundered toward us, flattening the path before it. Ugly gnarled brown orcs stood atop them, throwing grenades and bombs. I barely got a chance to comprehend what was going on when I felt a sudden pain to the side of my head. I felt dizzy, my vision was fuzzy.. I put my hand to my head and felt a warm sticky wound. The last thing I saw was my hand covered in blood before I blacked out…

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