Faerisong’s Adventures #3: The Boar in the Snow

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

3 the boar in the snow.png

Several days after arriving on Draenor, the battle in Tanaan Jungle was won.. for now.. Well not really. It was more like a retreat, but the important part is that the majority of us got out safely with few casualties. My comrade, Pakala the druid, had been severely injured. I mended her the best I could but rest would be her best bet so she has been recalled to Azeroth. It’s unfortunate, I need all the allies I can get out here, and at least I somewhat “knew” her. Heck, she had seen me naked. Not many people could say that! I smirked and then felt a twinge of guilt for thinking that way about an injured ally.

I had never experienced any kind of romance or intimacy with anyone. I had never even really experienced friendship. Companionship, yes.. but my relationship with Jiali was different. We were family. Not by blood of course, I didn’t have a cute fuzzy little tail and ears, but by soul, and isn’t that what means the most? I wondered if I would ever become that close with anyone else. With another elf perhaps… maybe even a man. Isn’t that the life everybody expects of me? Find a wealthy handsome elven man, fall in love, marry and have children? I had dreamed of a family of my own. But I honestly wasn’t sure if I was even capable of attraction or lust, let alone love like that.

We had fallen back to Frostfire Ridge now and were given the behemoth task of coordinating our own garrison build. Gosh, I can’t even build a house of cards and I’m expected to build my own garrison and lead a small army now?! This is more than I signed up for. But I can’t quit now.. and to be honest I don’t think I would even be permitted to quit, unless injured, like my poor comrade Pakala. My mind wandered back to the first day in Tanaan Jungle, fighting alongside her and the others. I wondered how they were doing; apart from Pakala I hadn’t seen them since that day. My thoughts lingered on the paladin.. Dragos.. no, Daragon. I wondered how it would feel to be held by such a broad man. I pictured Daragon and Liralea embracing.

“Hey.. monk.. are ya gonna fell this tree or what?” grunted a short little green creature. I looked down. “Yeah, what ya lookin’ at?” he said abruptly. “Oh, I.. uhh.. I’m sorry. You go ahead, I think I have gathered enough timber now”, I stammered. My orc men had collected many wagons of timber and construction of my garrison was about to commence. I was a little excited but mostly filled with dread – what would I know about leading a team into battle? I suppose the orcs would mostly be doing the work, but I would still have to make the big decisions.

While the construction team were hard at work, I decided to go for a walk. I was wearing a very thick leather set of armor with fur trim. Frostfire Ridge was a harsh frozen wasteland with volcanic lava spewing from the ground. The place we had chosen to set up camp was atop a cliff, surrounded by lakes of lava. It was a strange combination of warmth and cold. I sat on the ice beside the lava pool right outside my garrison gates. The lava bubbled and gurgled. It was so beautiful, I almost wanted to touch it. I moved closer, warming my hands above the lava, when suddenly a strange fish like creature leapt out of the lava. I gasped and scurried backwards on the ice. How on Azeroth could any living creature survive those temperatures?!

Suddenly I heard footsteps. I froze. I looked behind me and was alarmed to see a huge boar charging for me. I was terrified and unable to act. I was not prepared for this! The boar had its head down, tusks aimed right for me and it was approaching very quickly. I flinched and defensively put my hands up in front of my face. After what felt like minutes, I slowly peeked through my hands. The boar was standing right there, grunting, sniffing my face. Looking closer, I realised that it was wearing a saddle and bridle. A riding boar? It must’ve escaped from one of the native orcs. I slowly held out my hand to touch the boar’s face and it grunted softly, lowering its head. I stroked its head and decided to take the plunge and jumped onto the saddle.
We rode for what felt like hours. I felt like I had a new companion. Finally someone to share my days with. He was a very affectionate pig. I decided I would name him Tuki. We had travelled very far North and the sun was beginning to set, so we began to head back to the garrison.

When we arrived I was shocked to see the progress that had been made! It was almost complete! I rode Tuki right in through the doors, much to the shock of all of my crew. I suppose it may have appeared as if I was the enemy at first. I explained to them what had happened. One orc said I must have a very special spirit if a boar chose me for its companion. I smiled as I stroked my pig’s head, and I led him to his new stable for the night. Then I turned in to my new sleeping quarters. Tomorrow would be a big day of exploration, retrieving resources for my garrison, and completing missions. Just another day on Draenor…


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