WoW Model Viewer Guide

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce


Today I’m here to tell you all about a fantastic asset for transmogging and making amazing pictures of your characters! In game screenshots can be wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a perfectly posted picture with beautiful lighting and the background of your choice, and sometimes the lighting within the game just does not allow for that. So that’s where WoW model viewer (WMV) comes into it!

Available to download here

WMV is responsible for all of the transmog pictures I have made for WoW Fashionistas so far, and also the banners that we make for the Life of Warcraft page and this website! This program allows you to load up almost any model within WoW, including your very own characters from armory links, and dress them up in whatever clothes you like!

Once you’ve installed the program open it up and when it prompts you, click “load World of Warcraft” – keep in mind that to load all the models for WMV, you can not be in WoW at the same time, if you are the program will crash.

This is how WMV should load up initially:

wmv post 1

Once you have loaded up the models the program will appear as basically a blank slate, then you can click on the “Character” menu at the top and import armory character! Paste your armory link into the box that pops up and your character will come up, wearing everything they’re currently wearing in WoW right now! It will then show a list of items to the right, and also your skin colour/face type etc – all the settings that make your character what it is, which you can also change if you wish!

Additionally, you can do other things in the “character” menu such as sheathe weapons, turn off eyeglow (or turn it on, in the case of night elves which for some reason have it turned off by default), turn off underwear which will show under certain skimpy outfits, even turn off ears (Why you would want to I have no clue! lol).

You can also save your character, and then later you can load that character back up any time.

Under the “View” menu, you are able to load a background which could be ANY picture from your PC, or you can just make the background a certain colour, or even load skyboxes from within the game!

Down the bottom we have the animation buttons where you can select an action you would like your character to perform, including the various emotes from within WoW. I use these emotes to take interesting screenshots of my characters smiling or with their hands in the air, or hands on the hips, however I want them to be. Many of the emotes allow your character to show wonderful emotion and facial expressions that can be used in a variety of situations! Other than emotes you can also pose them in their “ready” stances, their death effect, and various other spell or combat poses like a monk’s spinning crane kick and warrior’s whirlwind. (See the pictures below for some examples of emotes I have captured)

faeris fotos emotes



To take the perfect shot of the perfect pose, I drag the “speed” slider down to about 0.7 or even 0.4 to slow down the motion, then I wait until the character is making the expression I want to capture and hit pause. Then it’s simply a matter of print screen and paste into the program of my choice to edit – a solid colour background makes it super easy to edit screenshots from WMV – especially if you use a ridiculously bright colour which you can single out and remove- but that’s a post for another day!

You can also capture AVI files of the characters doing their emotes – this is how machinima creators are able to get their character to make whatever movements they want in their music videos! (But I am not at all skilled in that area)

If you don’t want to load a character from the armory, you can use the list on the left to load whichever character you like – including the old models. From blood elf to worgen and everything in between – all playable races – AND some non playable. (If you don’t have any lists on the left side, click on View and then go down to “Show File List”.

You can also load non player characters (NPC’s) and even environments and creatures from WoW. Unfortunately the NPC’s/bosses generally can’t be altered. They can be posed in some specific positions though.

There is a lot more that can be done with this amazing program, this is just the tip of the iceberg – and there are many ways to use the program that I don’t even know yet.

I have been using WMV for many years now and I can’t recommend it enough, it’s just a fantastic tool for those who are really into posed pictures of their characters, and making edits of multiple characters together. (Unfortunately you can only load one at a time, but hey, that’s what photoshop’s for!)

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on WMV! In the future we will post up guides on how to create edited pictures of your character, and multiple characters, and your characters even interacting with items such as in our banner – which Mizzdani is a total pro at!

If you enjoyed this guide please share, like, comment and help get it seen by other transmog and screenshot lovers!

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