Faerisong’s Adventures #2: The Jungle

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce

2. the jungle

After stepping through the portal we had arrived in a lush jungle overrun with seemingly endless orcs. Savage brutal orcs, wave upon wave of them. We branched off into groups- some horde, some alliance, we just picked a handful of people nearby and stuck together.

The head of my group was a rather attractive blood elf gentleman, he was very well groomed and wielded a shield as tall as he stood, with huge spikes. His sword appeared to be almost vibrating. He was a paladin, and his job was to keep the enemy away from the rest of us. His blonde ponytail swished elegantly behind him as he performed his flashy spells and agile maneuvers. He was a pro at this. I had had much less experience in actual battle but I was doing my best to heal everyone and keep everyone’s life force replenished. My jade statue was my ever faithful backup.

I stood at the back of the group, beside me was a cow-like creature which I had learned was a Tauren. She was quite feminine looking but huge. She towered over me. She was a Druid and she called upon the stars and lunar power to deal large amounts of damage to her enemies. She was a little like me, very quiet but did her job. I got the feeling that she, too, didn’t feel very confident in herself.

In front of us stood a warlock who I had heard the paladin call Liralea. She was another blood elf. Her and her summoned minions were amazing at dealing damage and burning and searing the flesh of the enemy orcs. It was rather scary, I didn’t think I would much like to be up against her.

Standing beside the paladin was a member of the alliance, I had no idea what race he was but he was very tall with dark purplish skin and long purple hair. He seemed to be some sort of elf. He was a rogue, a master assassin. It was very interesting watching him fight alongside our protector. They fought well together. I felt quite useless. But I suppose my role was pretty important too.

The Druid and I were very quiet and focused, while the paladin and Liralea yelled back and forth to eachother constantly. Liralea was very vocal and was always calling out complex incantations or just shouting to her friend. I wondered if they were more than friends.

“Daragon, for the love of thrall, when does this onslaught end?!” Liralea exclaimed. So his name was Daragon. I made a mental note for later. “Nearly done Liralea, hold your felsteed!” He shouted, glancing back at her with a smirk. They certainly seemed to be comfortable with eachother.

When the waves of orcs finally died down, we were sent on separate missions on our own and it was finally time to test my strength. I had always been a very strong healer but hand to hand combat was another thing. I was thankful I had brought a spare set of armor in my backpack because the heat and humidity of the jungle was overcoming me.

On the way to my solo quest I spotted a small pond and decided to take a quick dip to wash away the sweat before changing into a much lighter outfit. My leather armor was almost stuck to me, after several minutes of struggling out of it I almost fell into the pond. I heard giggling from behind the bushes nearby. I suddenly felt very vulnerable. Here I was, naked in enemy territory and now someone was laughing at me?!

The Tauren I had fought beside earlier emerged from the bushes. She was also naked. I averted my gaze as she stepped into the cool water. She seemed to have no problem with being naked around others. “In Mulgore it is very common to be in our natural state. We don’t find a need to wear armor unless we are fighting”, she said. I gave her a tiny smile. “I’m Pakala by the way. What’s your name?” I opened my mouth to speak when suddenly I realised we were being watched. A Draenei man was slowly approaching the pond. This was just becoming too much for me! “I… I must get back to work now”, I stammered as I quickly darted out of the pond and behind some shrubs to put on my spare armor.

I felt much more comfortable now and somewhat prepared for the task at hand. As I looked out into the depths of the jungle, lightning flashed in the distance. This was just the beginning. This was not going to be just a stroll in the park…


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