Faerisong’s Adventures #1: The Dark Portal

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce

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Faerisong’s Adventures is a new roleplay/fanfiction story that I am beginning. I am embarking on this adventure for several reasons – to improve my writing skills, build my character’s back story, immerse myself into the game world more by roleplaying, and hopefully telling an interesting story to anyone who follows me!

Faerisong is a naive and sheltered young elf who is about to set out on a big adventure on Draenor. She has no idea what’s in store for her but I will give you a hint – there will be romance, friendships, heartache, intimate stories (which will be marked as such if you do not wish to read those), and the more mundane tales of her every day life, discovering how to get along with others.

So here we go, here’s part one of Faerisong’s Adventures! To keep up with every installment please follow me at http://adventures-of-faerisong.tumblr.com/



Today I am making a change. I am leaving the comfort of my home, and all I’ve ever known. My mother Jiali, the only companion I have ever had.

I still don’t know what I’m doing! How will I be able to cope without Jiali? I’m just a soft spoken elf, with no real knowledge of how to converse with anyone. Yet here I am, standing with countless other elves, Pandaren and other odd races I have never even encountered before. Ready to embark on a mission from which I may never return. What have I signed up for? What hardships lie ahead? Surely it couldn’t be any worse than the hardships Jiali and I had already endured?

To my left stood a group of very pretty elves all gossiping amongst themselves. “Oh my god, look at her armor! You would think she could put some clothes on, I mean where we’re going is freezing cold right?” one elf said, as she nodded obviously to a lone girl who appeared to have features of an animal. She had curled horns, hooves and… A tail?! How odd. “Ugh, look at her tail. Draenei just think they can flaunt themselves all over Azeroth and get away with it!” another elf exclaimed. DRAENEI? I had only heard stories of Draenei. I didn’t realize I would be working alongside them.

I felt very sweaty in my tight leather armor. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the dry heat of this barren wasteland we stood in, or if it was caused by anxiety. Maybe a bit of both. I wonder what those elves thought about me. Right now I was dressed in quite heavy armor, prepared for battle, and the cold temperatures we were warned we may face. But back home in Ghostlands I was comfortable wearing more casual armor, either something flowing and loose, or quite a lot of skin exposed for ease of movement and to keep cool. I wondered if those girls would think my regular armor choices were too revealing.

I sighed. How could I ever fit in? I didn’t know the first thing about fitting in. Jiali and I had always preferred to do things on our own. We enjoyed the thick lush forests of Ghostlands with very little company other than the sounds of wild animals and critters scuttling nearby. We kept to ourselves and only visited Tranquillien when completely necessary. We fended for ourselves mostly.

Jiali is not only my mother but my companion and almost a sister to me as well. You see, when I was only a few days old I was abandoned. I was left in a basket in the woods. Jiali was a very young Pandaren, not even old enough to breed. She had run away from her home on Pandaria after the rest of her family were murdered. She decided to travel Azeroth and see the wonders of the world. She just happened to be passing through Eversong Woods when she found me. Even though she was very young herself she took it upon herself to raise me. She felt that we were kindred spirits. And so that’s how it has always been. We mean the world to eachother.

I felt a sudden pang of regret. Why did I leave the comfort of my life behind? What was I doing here? When we saw that poster recruiting soldiers to defend Azeroth, Jiali thought it might be a good opportunity for me. But why did I agree?! I’m not a soldier. I’m just a healer. Will I be able to last a day? I’m scared. But at the same time I feel like I need to help my fellow elves and contribute by saving many lives and healing wounds. So I joined the Horde and here I am…

I joined the Horde. Oh how I never thought I would say those words. My heart started racing as a horn sounded and we began to move forward. Finally it was my turn. I held my breath and closed my eyes as I stepped through the Dark Portal.


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