Faeri’s Fotos #1

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce

Faeri’s Fotos #1: A guide to selfies in World of Warcraft!

Many people have asked how I get such interesting selfies or screenshots with my character pulling fun expressions, or with friends interacting with my character. The answer is quite simple really – TIMING is everything!

Just like real life photography the trick to decent WoW photography is timing the shot, and using the tools that you have at your disposal – this may include the selfie camera (mainly for different angles and facial expressions such as smiles, pouts), toys, pets, usable items, and most importantly, emotes. A combination of things often works well too.

Below are some examples of some selfies I have taken. In example #1, Mizzdani was the one using the selfie camera, and she was just standing still while her character was moving about doing the typical faces that toons pull while using the selfie camera. I stood close to her character, and used the /dance emote, and took various screenshots as my character did cute moves or moves that looked good with how Mizzdani’s character was. It was simply timing that managed to capture us both smiling as if we are posing for the camera. The screenshot was taken from MY perspective meaning I am not in the Selfie cam interface, which means I get a better angle and it’s not as zoomed in on the faces either.



It can take time and patience to capture the right moment when both toons happen to do the same thing at the same time, and if you have a patient selfie-loving friend, you can jump on voice chat with them and time emotes for better chances at the right shot.

In #2 we have several different expressions, the top panel is simply the /dance emote and a well timed shot. Bottom left is /talk – there are 3 different animations for this emote, each one can give you so many different poses for screenshots. Again, it’s all in the timing, just zooming in, watching your character for a while and learning when they will make that particular face you are after. If you are bad at reacting quick enough to get the shot, you could load your character on WoW model viewer where you can actually pause the animation and capture the moment easily that way!
In the middle frame I actually can not even figure out which emote I was doing which just goes to show you how many different expressions your toons can really do. And the last frame is just /shy.



And finally in #3 I have put together a compilation of several different emotes and some poses I managed to capture for you guys!


faeris fotos emotes

I really hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope it inspires you guys to go out and take some amazing selfies! Some people think the selfie camera is a waste of time, or that it’s only for conceited people, but I think of it as just another tool for in game photography. I personally take more screenshots of my character OUTSIDE of the selfie camera, but as shown in the pic with myself and Mizzdani, the selfie camera has its uses!

If you were inspired by this post please feel free to share it and comment below with any additional advice on particular combinations you’ve found that work, show us your screenshots, and feel free to ask any questions!

This will be an ongoing series that I’ll post from time to time with handy hints on how to improve your selfies and screenshots!

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