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Floral Headbands and Accessories?

Published February 10, 2016 by Justyce

Hey everyone, Faerisong here!

From time to time, I have ideas for WoW that I wish Blizzard would implement. The majority of my ideas are vanity items that wouldn’t impact the gameplay whatsoever. If I worked for Blizzard, I would want to be in charge of fun things like toys and vanity items for sure!

What is the point of vanity items, you ask? Well there are a few reasons people might want vanity items, and a few different ways they could be implemented.

If they were simply white or grey “poor” quality items, they could be used by roleplayers or in fun and silly situations, dressing up your character for screenshots or whatnot.

However if the items were given an item level and capability to transmog, that could lead to great things!

I personally don’t understand the problem with vanity and fun items being made a permanent thing in a set in the form of transmog. There are already a ton of silly items in game, such as twinkly star wands, bear claw fist weapons, and those silly twirly whirly engineer caps.

What would the harm be in letting us use some vanity items in our transmog? Or at the very least, making them fun toys that we can activate to change our appearance for a limited time. I’m talking about the sorts of toys that change what your character is wearing, but still maintains the base look of your character, such as the Hozen Beach Ball which simply transforms your clothing into ‘beach appropriate’ clothes.

I have quite a few vanity item ideas that I would like to see implemented in the future, but today I wanted to share with you my idea of floral headbands or other head wear, or even leis that we could wear around our necks or waists for example. I feel this would especially suit resto druids!

There are already several vanity floral items in the game  in the form of offhand flower bouquets, or the ultra rare Forever-Lovely Rose or consumable equivalent Lovely Rose available from the Love is in the Air event, which appears in your hair for female characters or in your mouth for male characters, as pictured below.

lovely rose 2Picture by AnxiousFur

lovely rose 3
Picture by Kompae

Below are some of my ideas for how we could see floral designs used in new ways in WoW as vanity items or even cosmetic transmog items!


fae hairband

floral headband


melodi headband

Those are just a few examples I have knocked together relatively quickly on Photoshop – imagine what Blizzard could do if they considered it as an option! Bring on more cosmetic and pretty items, imo!

What do you guys think? Please let us know either by commenting below or on our facebook page! ❤ Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Lunar Festival! ^_^

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Faerisong’s Adventures #5: Welcome to Warspear

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

5. welcome to warspear.png

I awoke in a dark candlelit room, feeling very tired and very sore. The holy priest who I had encountered in battle was standing above me, as my eyelids fluttered she smiled at me. She held my hand, and I felt warm and safe. “You’re going to be just fine now, Faerisong”, she said softly. “W…what happened?” I murmured. My throat felt very dry. “You were very close to one of the first blasts and were hit by a piece of shrapnel. You have quite a large gash in your head, but I’ve healed and bandaged you. You just need some rest”, the priest responded. I sat upright, or at least I tried to but it was difficult, I felt very weak. “The battle! What happened? Did we make it through? Was anyone else injured?” I gasped. The priest patted my hand. “Don’t worry about these things. Just get some rest!” She laid me back gently and blew out the candles and she left the room. I sighed. I guess my only choice was to try to rest. A sudden pang in my leg made me look down, and realise that my leg was also bandaged. I groaned and fell unconscious.

Hours later, I awoke and the sun was shining in through the vents in the ceiling. I felt a little better.. but still very tender. I rubbed my eyes, sitting up slowly. My leg still throbbed, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I let out a loud moan of pain. The angelic elven priest rushed into the room. I immediately felt guilty for taking up so much of her time. “Oh, please, no need to stay at my bedside! I’m sure you’re needed elsewhere!” I exclaimed. “Nonsense! This is my job. Rehabilitation of injured troops is probably even more important and necessary than being on the front line in battle,” she said, sitting at the end of my bed. “How are you feeling, Faerisong?” I felt warmth irradiating from her. Whenever she was around I felt so comfortable and calm. “I.. I’m o… I’m okay,” I stammered. She smiled sweetly. “My name is Feliciana, I’ll be here as long as you need me,” the elf said. “And don’t you worry about where else I might be needed!” she rose from the bed and bent over me, brushing my long black hair back away from my eyes. Then she placed her hand gently on my chin and tilting my face up to hers, she kissed me softly on the cheek. I pulled back, shocked. “I’m sorry. I will let you get your rest,” she said, sounding almost embarrassed. She quickly left the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what just happened. Did she just kiss me? Why? What did that mean? My cheek still tingled. How was I supposed to react? I suppose I should have kissed her back. I had never done this before! How was I supposed to feel? Did she … like me? Was she attracted to me? Or was she just showing she cared? Why did she run off? I must have upset her… I didn’t know what to do. I felt guilty for embarrassing her. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes.

I awoke again to a deafening explosion nearby. I sat upright in bed, shaking. One of my orc men rushed into the room. “Commander, we have to have you moved! It’s too dangerous here, we’re bein’ bombed at the camp over the hill and the garrison isn’t safe for you right now!” he shouted, and with one swift motion picked me up in his arms. I blinked about twenty times, trying to comprehend what I had just been told. “Moved? Where to?” I asked. “All the hurt folks are being flown out on skyreavers to the base in Ashran. That’s all I know, Commander. Do y’need anythin to take with ya?” the orc was already carrying me out the door by this point. “Uh, no, I think I’ll be fine, thank you,” I said, still rubbing my eyes, as I was placed atop a saddled skyreaver with 2 other injured comrades and a seemingly well orc who I assumed would be flying this strange creature.

The creature had 2 heads and a long tail which appeared to be beaded. It looked almost like an odd windrider. As we lifted off the ground, I gripped tightly on to the saddle; this beast didn’t fly very straight! It would be a very bumpy flight to Ashran, wherever that was. I looked below us as we flew. Hundreds of iron orcs were approaching the camps near my garrison. As I looked to the east, a long line of orcs flowed from the pass we had tried to take. “I guess we didn’t succeed…” I whispered. I felt defeated. If I had been able to stay in the fight, if I had just avoided getting hit, I could have helped my comrades. We might have succeeded, or at least not lost any troops or had as many injured.

We flew over the pass, high enough that no enemies on the ground could target us with their weaponry, and beyond the pass, into Gorgrond. To my right was a lush, dense canopy of trees; it looked very tropical. But to my left it was dry and barren, with many strange rock formations and chasms. What a strange place this was. Draenor, it was such a dangerous world. I regretted my decision deeply. But now I felt responsible for those lives that had been lost. I felt responsible for looking out for my troops and the soldiers I had met. The ones I knew by name. Pakala, Liralea, Daragon.. and Feliciana. What had happened to Feliciana? Why wasn’t she there when I had been rushed onto the skyreaver and whisked away to Ashran? I assumed she had been recalled to battle.

We were flying out over the ocean now. I wondered how much longer this flight would take. I squinted and almost thought I could see land on the horizon. Was this Ashran? The skyreaver gained speed and swooped down low aiming for the shore. I guess this was it. Ashran. I held on tight as we landed roughly on a small hill top.

“Welcome ta Warspear!” we were greeted by a pink haired troll with large, sharp tusks. “They call me Majickman. If ya need anythin, I’ll be right here”. He helped me and the other two off the skyreaver and into a large inn just down the hill. We went through the well-stocked bar and up the stairs curving around the walls to a room with several beds. I was lifted onto a bed and a thick woollen blanket was tossed onto the end of the bed. “Thank you,” I said. The troll left the room. I looked around at the other beds, all occupied. I felt vulnerable; I had never had to sleep amongst so many before. How could I relax and feel comfortable with so many eyes watching?

I was unable to rest, so I decided to go for a walk. I winced as I slowly made my way down the stairs, limping and favouring my injured leg. I made it out of the inn and back up over the hill, down towards the shoreline. I was met with the one of most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. Draenor.. a place of beauty but also much danger. A treacherous land. I wondered how long I could survive here. But for now I was out of commission, so I suppose the only thing I could really do was get to know some people, make some friends and allies I could count on. I felt that this task would be even more difficult than any battle I would encounter…

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Faerisong’s Adventures #4: Approaching the Border

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

4 approaching the border.png

It had been several weeks since I had stepped through the portal onto Draenor. I was only just finally becoming accustomed to the harsh cold of Frostfire Ridge. In the past few weeks we had claimed several bases across the land, slayed an immeasurable number of orcs and gronn, and moved further east every day.

Our next mission was to take control of the treacherous path leading in to Gorgrond. There were many many waves of enemies to fight, and mechanical weaponry we had not yet encountered. My strongest healing efforts would be required.

My Garrison troops and the troops and teams of a dozen or so other commanders gathered at the chasm opening at sunrise. We were armed with the best weapons we could craft, thick strong armor, and explosives. Hopefully the few explosives we had managed to steal and craft were enough to take on the destroyers we had seen. We estimated the enemy only had a few so we were feeling somewhat confident we could win the battle. But it would still be a long day.

A towering, burly Tauren was leading our army. His name was Makamo. He wielded a massive sword and held a huge horn in his hand. As he blew the horn hundreds of us charged forward into battle. Somewhere in the distance another horn sounded. The enemy were coming. The thunderous sound of footsteps echoing and reverberating around the walls of the chasm meant the enemy was approaching fast.

As always I was to the back of the group with the other healers. To my left was a holy priest, glowing with pure white light. She appeared almost angelic, with long white hair and soft white skin. To my right was a large dark green Orc. He was placing totems and summoning the wind and rain to do his bidding. His gentle healing rain washed over us all, regenerating our health and giving us vitality. It felt strangely warm, even though we were in a freezing tunnel surrounded by ice.

I had placed my jade statue and was channeling a constant wave of mist towards our main protector. My heart skipped a beat as I spotted Daragon in the front line. So he was here in Frostfire Ridge too. I wondered where he had been stationed or if he had set up his own base. His blonde ponytail swished from side to side as he expertly dodged and parried attacks from all sides.

I took a quick break to replenish my mana and clear my thoughts. I needed to be completely focused if i was going to be of any use in this battle. As I caught up with the rest of the healers I thought I had caught a glimpse of Liralea, but I assumed I was just imagining it. There were so many of us, all different races but all Horde, all fighting for the same cause. I wondered when we would see any members of the Alliance again. We have always been at war with the Alliance; humans and orcs have a particular hatred of eachother, and because of past atrocities it didn’t seem as if the two sides would ever see eye to eye. But as the old adage goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and we were all banding together to fight the enemy here on Draenor. Protecting our home planet Azeroth from being taken over by this iron army of orcs threatening our world.

We had moved quite far into the chasm now. We were at least a third of the way in, and so far we had not encountered any of the destroyers which had reportedly been seen in the enemy’s possession. We were up against a formidable enemy though, they were sending larger waves of stronger brutes, gronn, wolves, and ranged enemies up in the rocks lining the walls. They knew this territory better than we did, even after many scouting missions. They knew the terrain; we did not. As I placed my jade statue again, I stumbled and landed on my knees. The cold hard ice scraped and bruised me. I winced as I stood, and the white haired priest from before lifted me up with her levitate spell. She flushed me with blinding white light and I felt re-energized.

After regaining my bearings my heart sunk as I saw what approached us around the bend. At least 10 massive iron destroyers thundered toward us, flattening the path before it. Ugly gnarled brown orcs stood atop them, throwing grenades and bombs. I barely got a chance to comprehend what was going on when I felt a sudden pain to the side of my head. I felt dizzy, my vision was fuzzy.. I put my hand to my head and felt a warm sticky wound. The last thing I saw was my hand covered in blood before I blacked out…

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Faerisong’s Adventures #3: The Boar in the Snow

Published February 7, 2016 by Justyce

3 the boar in the snow.png

Several days after arriving on Draenor, the battle in Tanaan Jungle was won.. for now.. Well not really. It was more like a retreat, but the important part is that the majority of us got out safely with few casualties. My comrade, Pakala the druid, had been severely injured. I mended her the best I could but rest would be her best bet so she has been recalled to Azeroth. It’s unfortunate, I need all the allies I can get out here, and at least I somewhat “knew” her. Heck, she had seen me naked. Not many people could say that! I smirked and then felt a twinge of guilt for thinking that way about an injured ally.

I had never experienced any kind of romance or intimacy with anyone. I had never even really experienced friendship. Companionship, yes.. but my relationship with Jiali was different. We were family. Not by blood of course, I didn’t have a cute fuzzy little tail and ears, but by soul, and isn’t that what means the most? I wondered if I would ever become that close with anyone else. With another elf perhaps… maybe even a man. Isn’t that the life everybody expects of me? Find a wealthy handsome elven man, fall in love, marry and have children? I had dreamed of a family of my own. But I honestly wasn’t sure if I was even capable of attraction or lust, let alone love like that.

We had fallen back to Frostfire Ridge now and were given the behemoth task of coordinating our own garrison build. Gosh, I can’t even build a house of cards and I’m expected to build my own garrison and lead a small army now?! This is more than I signed up for. But I can’t quit now.. and to be honest I don’t think I would even be permitted to quit, unless injured, like my poor comrade Pakala. My mind wandered back to the first day in Tanaan Jungle, fighting alongside her and the others. I wondered how they were doing; apart from Pakala I hadn’t seen them since that day. My thoughts lingered on the paladin.. Dragos.. no, Daragon. I wondered how it would feel to be held by such a broad man. I pictured Daragon and Liralea embracing.

“Hey.. monk.. are ya gonna fell this tree or what?” grunted a short little green creature. I looked down. “Yeah, what ya lookin’ at?” he said abruptly. “Oh, I.. uhh.. I’m sorry. You go ahead, I think I have gathered enough timber now”, I stammered. My orc men had collected many wagons of timber and construction of my garrison was about to commence. I was a little excited but mostly filled with dread – what would I know about leading a team into battle? I suppose the orcs would mostly be doing the work, but I would still have to make the big decisions.

While the construction team were hard at work, I decided to go for a walk. I was wearing a very thick leather set of armor with fur trim. Frostfire Ridge was a harsh frozen wasteland with volcanic lava spewing from the ground. The place we had chosen to set up camp was atop a cliff, surrounded by lakes of lava. It was a strange combination of warmth and cold. I sat on the ice beside the lava pool right outside my garrison gates. The lava bubbled and gurgled. It was so beautiful, I almost wanted to touch it. I moved closer, warming my hands above the lava, when suddenly a strange fish like creature leapt out of the lava. I gasped and scurried backwards on the ice. How on Azeroth could any living creature survive those temperatures?!

Suddenly I heard footsteps. I froze. I looked behind me and was alarmed to see a huge boar charging for me. I was terrified and unable to act. I was not prepared for this! The boar had its head down, tusks aimed right for me and it was approaching very quickly. I flinched and defensively put my hands up in front of my face. After what felt like minutes, I slowly peeked through my hands. The boar was standing right there, grunting, sniffing my face. Looking closer, I realised that it was wearing a saddle and bridle. A riding boar? It must’ve escaped from one of the native orcs. I slowly held out my hand to touch the boar’s face and it grunted softly, lowering its head. I stroked its head and decided to take the plunge and jumped onto the saddle.
We rode for what felt like hours. I felt like I had a new companion. Finally someone to share my days with. He was a very affectionate pig. I decided I would name him Tuki. We had travelled very far North and the sun was beginning to set, so we began to head back to the garrison.

When we arrived I was shocked to see the progress that had been made! It was almost complete! I rode Tuki right in through the doors, much to the shock of all of my crew. I suppose it may have appeared as if I was the enemy at first. I explained to them what had happened. One orc said I must have a very special spirit if a boar chose me for its companion. I smiled as I stroked my pig’s head, and I led him to his new stable for the night. Then I turned in to my new sleeping quarters. Tomorrow would be a big day of exploration, retrieving resources for my garrison, and completing missions. Just another day on Draenor…


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WoW Model Viewer Guide

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce


Today I’m here to tell you all about a fantastic asset for transmogging and making amazing pictures of your characters! In game screenshots can be wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a perfectly posted picture with beautiful lighting and the background of your choice, and sometimes the lighting within the game just does not allow for that. So that’s where WoW model viewer (WMV) comes into it!

Available to download here

WMV is responsible for all of the transmog pictures I have made for WoW Fashionistas so far, and also the banners that we make for the Life of Warcraft page and this website! This program allows you to load up almost any model within WoW, including your very own characters from armory links, and dress them up in whatever clothes you like!

Once you’ve installed the program open it up and when it prompts you, click “load World of Warcraft” – keep in mind that to load all the models for WMV, you can not be in WoW at the same time, if you are the program will crash.

This is how WMV should load up initially:

wmv post 1

Once you have loaded up the models the program will appear as basically a blank slate, then you can click on the “Character” menu at the top and import armory character! Paste your armory link into the box that pops up and your character will come up, wearing everything they’re currently wearing in WoW right now! It will then show a list of items to the right, and also your skin colour/face type etc – all the settings that make your character what it is, which you can also change if you wish!

Additionally, you can do other things in the “character” menu such as sheathe weapons, turn off eyeglow (or turn it on, in the case of night elves which for some reason have it turned off by default), turn off underwear which will show under certain skimpy outfits, even turn off ears (Why you would want to I have no clue! lol).

You can also save your character, and then later you can load that character back up any time.

Under the “View” menu, you are able to load a background which could be ANY picture from your PC, or you can just make the background a certain colour, or even load skyboxes from within the game!

Down the bottom we have the animation buttons where you can select an action you would like your character to perform, including the various emotes from within WoW. I use these emotes to take interesting screenshots of my characters smiling or with their hands in the air, or hands on the hips, however I want them to be. Many of the emotes allow your character to show wonderful emotion and facial expressions that can be used in a variety of situations! Other than emotes you can also pose them in their “ready” stances, their death effect, and various other spell or combat poses like a monk’s spinning crane kick and warrior’s whirlwind. (See the pictures below for some examples of emotes I have captured)

faeris fotos emotes



To take the perfect shot of the perfect pose, I drag the “speed” slider down to about 0.7 or even 0.4 to slow down the motion, then I wait until the character is making the expression I want to capture and hit pause. Then it’s simply a matter of print screen and paste into the program of my choice to edit – a solid colour background makes it super easy to edit screenshots from WMV – especially if you use a ridiculously bright colour which you can single out and remove- but that’s a post for another day!

You can also capture AVI files of the characters doing their emotes – this is how machinima creators are able to get their character to make whatever movements they want in their music videos! (But I am not at all skilled in that area)

If you don’t want to load a character from the armory, you can use the list on the left to load whichever character you like – including the old models. From blood elf to worgen and everything in between – all playable races – AND some non playable. (If you don’t have any lists on the left side, click on View and then go down to “Show File List”.

You can also load non player characters (NPC’s) and even environments and creatures from WoW. Unfortunately the NPC’s/bosses generally can’t be altered. They can be posed in some specific positions though.

There is a lot more that can be done with this amazing program, this is just the tip of the iceberg – and there are many ways to use the program that I don’t even know yet.

I have been using WMV for many years now and I can’t recommend it enough, it’s just a fantastic tool for those who are really into posed pictures of their characters, and making edits of multiple characters together. (Unfortunately you can only load one at a time, but hey, that’s what photoshop’s for!)

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on WMV! In the future we will post up guides on how to create edited pictures of your character, and multiple characters, and your characters even interacting with items such as in our banner – which Mizzdani is a total pro at!

If you enjoyed this guide please share, like, comment and help get it seen by other transmog and screenshot lovers!

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Faerisong’s Adventures #2: The Jungle

Published February 6, 2016 by Justyce

2. the jungle

After stepping through the portal we had arrived in a lush jungle overrun with seemingly endless orcs. Savage brutal orcs, wave upon wave of them. We branched off into groups- some horde, some alliance, we just picked a handful of people nearby and stuck together.

The head of my group was a rather attractive blood elf gentleman, he was very well groomed and wielded a shield as tall as he stood, with huge spikes. His sword appeared to be almost vibrating. He was a paladin, and his job was to keep the enemy away from the rest of us. His blonde ponytail swished elegantly behind him as he performed his flashy spells and agile maneuvers. He was a pro at this. I had had much less experience in actual battle but I was doing my best to heal everyone and keep everyone’s life force replenished. My jade statue was my ever faithful backup.

I stood at the back of the group, beside me was a cow-like creature which I had learned was a Tauren. She was quite feminine looking but huge. She towered over me. She was a Druid and she called upon the stars and lunar power to deal large amounts of damage to her enemies. She was a little like me, very quiet but did her job. I got the feeling that she, too, didn’t feel very confident in herself.

In front of us stood a warlock who I had heard the paladin call Liralea. She was another blood elf. Her and her summoned minions were amazing at dealing damage and burning and searing the flesh of the enemy orcs. It was rather scary, I didn’t think I would much like to be up against her.

Standing beside the paladin was a member of the alliance, I had no idea what race he was but he was very tall with dark purplish skin and long purple hair. He seemed to be some sort of elf. He was a rogue, a master assassin. It was very interesting watching him fight alongside our protector. They fought well together. I felt quite useless. But I suppose my role was pretty important too.

The Druid and I were very quiet and focused, while the paladin and Liralea yelled back and forth to eachother constantly. Liralea was very vocal and was always calling out complex incantations or just shouting to her friend. I wondered if they were more than friends.

“Daragon, for the love of thrall, when does this onslaught end?!” Liralea exclaimed. So his name was Daragon. I made a mental note for later. “Nearly done Liralea, hold your felsteed!” He shouted, glancing back at her with a smirk. They certainly seemed to be comfortable with eachother.

When the waves of orcs finally died down, we were sent on separate missions on our own and it was finally time to test my strength. I had always been a very strong healer but hand to hand combat was another thing. I was thankful I had brought a spare set of armor in my backpack because the heat and humidity of the jungle was overcoming me.

On the way to my solo quest I spotted a small pond and decided to take a quick dip to wash away the sweat before changing into a much lighter outfit. My leather armor was almost stuck to me, after several minutes of struggling out of it I almost fell into the pond. I heard giggling from behind the bushes nearby. I suddenly felt very vulnerable. Here I was, naked in enemy territory and now someone was laughing at me?!

The Tauren I had fought beside earlier emerged from the bushes. She was also naked. I averted my gaze as she stepped into the cool water. She seemed to have no problem with being naked around others. “In Mulgore it is very common to be in our natural state. We don’t find a need to wear armor unless we are fighting”, she said. I gave her a tiny smile. “I’m Pakala by the way. What’s your name?” I opened my mouth to speak when suddenly I realised we were being watched. A Draenei man was slowly approaching the pond. This was just becoming too much for me! “I… I must get back to work now”, I stammered as I quickly darted out of the pond and behind some shrubs to put on my spare armor.

I felt much more comfortable now and somewhat prepared for the task at hand. As I looked out into the depths of the jungle, lightning flashed in the distance. This was just the beginning. This was not going to be just a stroll in the park…


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